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I was so ill I tuck and OD back in 95 thats one serious one because I had enough. In 1997 my drink was spike with a drug according to the psychic team, I found myself on a harbour top with a rope. The same year I had 10 stitches in my wrist.

1998 I jumped of a bridge and fractured my 12 vertebrea damaging the disk just below, right wrist was also broken. I am not sure of the incident or what happen, all I know I escaped from the psych ward. That was the last time I did anything again.

That point in my life as gone and I am trying to rebuild it the best way I can. The injuries will always be there but there is nothing I can do about that.

Why did I change? I had too
First of all welcome to the forums! i hope you stay with us, and i hope to see you around the forums.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, and i can see that you have had a hard life, and im so glad that your rebuilding it and i hope you succeed in getting your life to where you want it. I wish you all the hapiness in the world.

feel free to PM if you ever want to talk

take care



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Thank you for sharing and summarizing your life. It does sound like a rough road you have had. I hope you will instill and share and get some things from the forum. We do want to support and relate to you.
Don't be too shy here. Stay safe now.


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Welcome Doublemole,
Glad you are here and sharing. It seems you have been through a lot. I am happy you have changed. I can't stand the suspense. How did you escape the psych ward?
:welcome: to SF!!!! Sorry you feel so bad, hopefuly you'll like and feel safe at SF and if you ever need anything let me know.

Take care......:hug:

With hugs,
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