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Well i tried 3 time's before irony kicked my ass and gave me a new outlook so here goes

Ist Attempt- I was uber depressed and my uncle who i was vey close to had died and my Grandfather passed away a few month's before and also my friend had killed herself after she was raped any way i waited untill the house was empty and i went to the Drink's cabinet and took a Bottle of Vodka and <mod edit:moonstar89 - method> i blacked out and woke up vomiting and after a breif trip to hospital *i was found by my then girlfriend* i returned home.

2nd atempt Well my Girlfriend dumped me then i was booted out of my band because i was alway forgetting practice and alway's drunk and more due to drunken ness i tried to make a Noose <mod edit: moonstar89 - method> but i must done it wrong because i woke up with rope burns and a hangover.

My Final attempt was that it was the anniversary of my friend's death and i had a lot of personal stuff to do with my Situation and i was stressed about my Dad *He work's in Iraq* and i just started slashing my wrist's and blacked out and i woke up in the ambulance. i was found by my friend *who has my key and i his* and after i was discharged i still felt low.

about a year later i was hit by a car while i was walking to the Supermarket and was in a coma for a week and while i was comatosed i realised i had so much to live for. i woke in pain and asked to see a counciller and ended up spilling my whole story to him and he listened and i had a course of theropy with him and now life is peachy
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wow, You had a really rough go, :hug: and I'm quite amazed you were able to turn around so quickly. I guess what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger....
I'm happy your therapist was able to help you, and it's good to see you here. I know it takes a lot to post your past, but it's a good thing to do. I hope you enjoy your time here, I've seen your posts and they look like a very posititive contribution :laugh:

Hope to see you around,

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im glad that youv found a reason to live! :biggrin: sometimes it takes a even like that to make us see, and im glad you okk and doing well, and are happy! :biggrin: :hug:


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Wow.. that sums it up. You went thru quite a bit there and its great that you could put it behind you, i wish other could see it like you have =) Im very proud of you, all the best for the future x


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Within us all are the seeds of greatness, we just need to let them grow. Sometimes it takes a lot of digging in the dirt with back breaking effort and little to show at the end of a long day, but ultimately, there are few if any who are born without them. Seek for it and them and you will find them, but they will not seek you out.

Well done OP, I am proud to hear this tale and hope it inspires others who felt as you did, I was there and the cliff edge is still close, but everyday I drag myself an inch or two away from it. When I am far enough away and confident enough I shall look out over the gulf and laugh at its powerlessness over me. Maybe it wont be soon, but it will come in time.

Thanks for sharing,



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Yes, thanks for sharing your story. I know it may not have been easy to do.
We never know when the lightbulb will come on for any of us. Some of us will take longer and harder road than others.
So glad that you did recover!!
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