My story.

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    Mods, if this isn't the right place for this, feel free to move.

    OK, here is my story...

    I am agoraphobic/socially phobic (does this make sense? lol) and have been for the past 4 or 5 years. At first I just used to avoid the occasional social event but in the last two years it's gotten to the point where I don't even leave my house at all, pretty much ever.

    The reason being, there is a physical feature of me that I am self-conscious about. I kept everything bottled up until a few months ago when I confided in somebody close to me. From there it has led to me going to seek professional help, and now I see a psychiatrist once every week.

    I feel though I just need one more little ounce of courage to finally speak about this one thing that's holding me back, but I worry that if I do, it might not get fixed. If this was to be fixed, I could start living my life again. There is slightly more to the story but as I'm new to the forum I'll keep it relatively short and talk about it more as I get to know people on here more.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. WildCherry

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    Just saying hi and welcome to the forum, your post is fine right where it is.
  3. SCUK2009

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    Thanks, WC.
  4. total eclipse

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    Hi just want to say welcome and when your ready post what it is that we can support you with. I think being open with you doc is the best way to get you feeling better okay. Lots of people here to help you as well take care.
  5. SCUK2009

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    Thank you violet. Just wondering now, does this forum have a positive/negative reputation feature?
  6. Confused and Lost

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    Can i just ask by physical feature do you mean a facial feature or like weight or something? If you dont mind me asking what is this feature? i understand if you wish not to say.

    Take care :) x
  7. SCUK2009

    SCUK2009 Well-Known Member

    It's a facial feature.
  8. plates

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    Hello, welcome :smile:. It might take time to share more of your story either here, or with your psychiatrist but what you're doing in reaching out is admirable for someone who tends to bottle up feelings.

    I hope you find this site useful to you.
  9. SCUK2009

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    Thanks for that reply. I think this site will be very helpful to me. I feel lucky already to say that things feel like they're getting better and my life is turning around, I hope other posters can say this too in the near future.
  10. Viro

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    The last embarassing facial feature I had, I did not deal with well...

    No good advice from me, but I really do know where you're coming from.
  11. SCUK2009

    SCUK2009 Well-Known Member

    What happened mate?