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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Mitternacht, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Mitternacht

    Mitternacht Member

    As some of you may already now i suffer form moebius syndrome. Really psychically its rather mild. I mean i can walk and talk an do pretty much anything the next person can do. But the problem is my face is paralyzed making it very difficult to socialize with people. So far Ive isolated my self from social interaction and sometime don't leave the house for up to weeks. To tell the truth I'm not suicidal i just want a nice quiet life with a few good friends. Over the last few months though i started a bad habit. After having a tooth pulled i was giving a large supply of painkillers... The first time i took some i felt pure bliss for the next 3 hours. Like all my problems dissolved away...i was hooked. Right now I'm at a crossroad. I want to go back so badly to taking the pills but with out them i pretty much would hide under a rock. I hate being alone and isolated its like a disease slowly rotting me away form the inside. All i know is every minuet i spend fighting this is one less down the road.
  2. shades

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    As I have been on painkillers for several years with no end in sight, and with the uncertainty about the long term effects, I strongly suggest you stay off of them.

    Are you on, or have you discussed anti-depressants with an M.D. or pdoc.? Perhaps you can get some relief in that manner instead. Feel free to send me a pm if you wish to discuss further. Take care,

  3. total eclipse

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    Pain killers are no way to go they are so distructive and create so much depandancy I hope you do as Shades suggested call yur doctor and get on some antidepressants meds thiswill be more beneficial. take care
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