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    all right, so i got back from a sleepover today and all of the stuff in my room was on my floor... and my computer was in a different place and not plugged in and the wires were all twisted up, not at all like i leave it. turns out that my brother took my computer while i was gone and used it and stole some of my music and my sister told him my password. i changed my password and i'm not telling anyone else my password... i only told her my password so that she could watch a movie on it one night and i thought i was being nice. so much for that... so now i have to go upstairs and clean up all of my stuff from off of my fricking floor that my mom and dad put there. and i had to delete all the junk that my stupid brother put on my computer and i had to change my password so that my sister couldn't tell anyone else the password... i am so ticked off at my family right now... i leave for one night and come back to find my room in ruins and my privacy invaded... .and my brother hasn't even stinking apologized!!!! i told him not to take the computer or the mouse without asking and he did.... he's such a fricking moron sometimes....i think i might actually hate my family right now.... i hope that i don't , but they are so stinking annoying!!!!!!!!! I just want to beat up my brother and swear at him and flip off my parents and then run away.
    thanks for letting me get that out... i still don't feel better after writing that, but that's only because they're sitting right next to me talking really loud and not shutting up.

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    family can be annoying. sorry to hear they trashed your room and invaded your space like that. my brother was the same way when we were kids. kids will be kids. not sure what to say but sorry.:)