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my stupid little rant *lang*

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Fuck I hate having to go thru this shit every single day It really pisses me off.
Not being able to sleep or getting to sleep at fucking 4 in the morning and waking up in 2 hours to go to school and get more pissed off. Get pushed around start cussing at people who fuck with me and the get sent to the office for saying that shit and get a 2 hour d-hall after school.
Then I go home and have to deal with my dad who is always fucking smokin weed and annoying me to the point of wanting to punch him.
Then having to deal with the crap my mom asks me everday like saying I need to get my grades up and I need to try harder. I do fucking try I just fail no matter how hard I try.
Then at the end of the day I'm so mad and cut myself just to try and feel a little better and I usually do and will go and try to watch a movie with my leg bleeding but no I can't because my dad has to come in there and say stupid shit about the movie saying its stupid or ive seen it a few times so he can change the channel to crap and then I leave and come back 5 min later and he isn't even in there he is back on the fucking computer......
That's the daily bullshit I go thru....

Just wanted to rant sry for wasting your time.


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This is just more crap I feel like ranting on about while I'm still awake.
I'm tired of going to school and getting teachers saying I need to fucking try and then I do try and they say I didn't fucking do it the way they wanted me to so I get a 50 or 70 as my stupid grade....
Tired of being watched by everyone around me all they do is wait till I fuck up and then start saying what I did wrong even if I do EXACTLY what they said.
Tired of all the preppy ppl at my school showing of the bullshit they get like $500 purses and shit that they don't even need. Then having ppl get exactly the same crap just to "fit in" no one should spend that much just to say "look I have money I can waste and you don't!" I'd like to spill a drink on one of there new shit just to see the reaction....
I hate hiding behind a false smile everyday...
I don't like having to hide what
i feel but I don't want to have even more people watching every move I make.....

Ok well I could go on for hours but I'm not going to waste your time
I hope ventng has made you feel atleast a little releived or better or something along those lines anyway. :wink: If you ever need to talk about anything you know you can always talk to me, right? :) :hug:


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