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My stupid mom and her fucked up bf

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she is so stupid. the most stupid person i have ever met. she was with him for 7 years. he was so mean to her and making her feel so bad. he never hit her (i think) or me and my younger siblings. then, one day, she finally ended if he didnt change. everything was great during the summer. then suddenly they were back together and she was always talking about how much he changed. maybe changed to her, but guess who he took all his pessimistic words out on? thats right. me and my siblings.

do u think my mom sees it? no she only sees what she wants to see and she sees him as a changed man when all he does is say mean things.

for example
one time i asked my mom "whats for dinner?" while i walking towards the table and he answers "dont answer, its so obvious what we're eating since its right here on the table" and my mom didnt answer. i went up to my room but didnt eat a thing.
another time my sister spilled some pasta while she was taking and she didnt see it and he said "are u fucking stupid? if u spil sthing u pick it up"
i dont know why he's so concerned about food. he does the cooking mostly and if my mom is doing it he's always tasting it and says his is better and he add spices and other shit things.

and even if he says sthing normal like "u should get ur laundry outside since it started to rain" he says "i hope ure smart enough to understand that ur clothes will get ruined" and then i do it and afterwards he yells at my mom about it. and then she comes to me and yells at me. its like he's passing it to her cause he's to much of a fucking coward to tell me himself.

my mom really is so stupid and selfish for being with him. she thinks she was so strong to leave him, and she was. but she went right back to him. im absolutly gonna get back at them. im absolutly gonna speak whats on my mind.

thanks if u read, i just wanted to clear my mind


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That sounds exackly like my idiotic mum (which i txt yesterday tat i ll only phone her in 6 months time). She doesnt see how rude he can be with me and no where near strong to leave him and (i know) never will.

'its like he's passing it to her cause he's to much of a fucking coward to tell me himself.'

my mums partner does exackly the same thing, like hes scared of me or someting. I dont think they care about us, they just wanna be with that woman and they dont give a fck.

And we are like some barrier. I got kicked out by the ass hole by the way. not that he ever hit me or eve called me names. it was a quiet house. but that woman closes her eyes anyway. i have to live in a stinking hostel now with a title: it is my fault.

How fck up is that. this morning i was thinking how i could maybe slip my wrists, im studying healtha and human physiology so i know the better points now etc. I just dont see a point in living, especially when i have social anxiety etc.

ok i think ive gone off the topic.



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I know the other side of your situation: I was once the mother with the Bad Boyfriend. I had a young daughter at the time. He used to abuse me physically and verbally and emotionally and it did some damage to her also. She was afraid of him. I finally woke up out of my brain-washed stupor and threw him out for good. I was with him six years and it took that long to realize that he was no good at all. The whole time I was with him I kept thinking "if I just love him more he'll change"... but he never did - I had to change. I learned a lot from that and never again let a man come between me and my kids, or treat me badly.

I hope you can take care of yourself and your younger sibling(s). Can you live elsewhere? Can you call the authorities? Abuse is abuse, whether it's physical or verbal or mental or just plain neglect.:sad: Have you any other relatives you could live with? Your mom seems to be brain-washed, like I was for those long horrible years. I hope she can come out of it and put her kids first. That boyfriend is just trash, that's all.:mad:

least - been there, done with that!!


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theleastofthese: its so good that you did wake up from it however, i do not think that my mum ever will. thats the sad bit. I believe she will die like this. And the hardest thing and most frustrated on is that she does not listen to nor does he. They think they are right and i am wrong.

Gosh how i wish that she would wake up, everything would fall into places.


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This guy needs to be told to hit the road. If he can't respect you and your siblings then he is the wrong guy for your mom. If your mom can't see the obvious than there is something most definitely wrong.


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have you tried talking with her about the way you feel? trying to open her blind eyes?
that he's hurting you as well-- specially when you see thats he's hurting him-- what about social workers- can't you ask help?
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