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  1. hello. tis is me looking for help and advice...
    today @ school a groups of guys rounded up to "teach me a lesson". it all started last week when one of my female friends had a fallout with her boyfriend. we were good friends and we speak to each other often. we hug in da mornin and afta skul 2 say gudbye. anyway her boyfriend got realli pissed and immiediately suspected me to be the root cause of their fight. he took me aside (last week) and started screamin and swearing @ me askin me y i always was wid her. on that particular day i hardly spoke to the girl.he gathered up his friends and began planing the attack on that day. alot of his other friends made up stuff and told people from other classes and got them involved. today was our last exam and they said today is the day!
    i was scared and just before that we could move to our designated rooms it all started

    they gathered up their army and came towards me. luckily two of my friends were there and they were the only ones these guys were afraid of. they told me not to worry and that they would take care of me, i wrote my paper in the admin block of our school and i had to tell our deputy headmaster everything. i dont have to go back to skul for ova a month but im afraid that when i do go back next year to start my next grade, i might be called a coward and that all the girls wud think of me as pathethic. my mum told me i was a cry baby. im really in a mess and i need to tawk to someone:sad::sad::sad:
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    You're not a coward for not joining in, they are cowards for starting it in the first place. It takes more guts to sort things out in a peaceful manner than it does to just go and beat people up. It sounds to me like they're the pathetic ones in the situation.

    Maybe they will all have forgotten about it by the time you have to go back... :)
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