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My suicide attempt

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Hi im mabelle and im 19 and im am going to share my suicide attempt
Well it was my first year for high school and alot of the snooty girls called me a 'slut' and '*****' and there was a very common one 'suicidal lovesick loser'
Just cause a senior boy asked me out and i said yes.
Well in the summer of that year i started cutting to deal with the pain when that no longer worked to turned to a brand of wiskey my parents often bought and steal it and stash it in the attic and guzzle it down it numb my pain
A few months later i start thinking of suicide and death .

In my junior year i reached my breaking point when my boyfriend touched my sexually when i did not want it and me being in a drunken state and He saw it has a time in get me into having sex for the first time

But instead i said i was going home and i did, Guzzled the last of the rum and. <mod edit: *sparkle* method> my self and slowly started to die

My sister found me hours later <mod eidt *sparkle* triggering>

I wake up to my dismay in a hospital bed,
My family and friends around me <mod edit: *sparkle* triggering> and booze no where in sight,

After two years i graduate high school,
And ive found things to live for
Ive think ive found my love of my life
And im taking wirters craft
And my life has turned around for the better

The end.


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Hi Mabelle, I am glad you found the forum - and I'm more glad that your sister found you.

It is awesome that you have some positive influences in your life. I'd love to hear about what kind of writing you enjoy.


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Thanks rosco
Im on deviantart where my drawings and writing
And i Am happy my sister found me when i woke i was still drunk.
Im okay now
But my best friend had done it and now is dead
Rip alyessa


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Tell me more about your writings and art. I know I can look, but it is too easy with art not to understand. I'd like to hear your interpretation.


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Wiriting is expression ,either be it real or fiction is what you feel like
Inside. Inner exerince and feeling characters you create are a refect who you are in side.
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