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My Suicide

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by theblamedson, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. theblamedson

    theblamedson Member

    "I'm Free To Be Whatever I...Whatever I Choose and I'll sing The Blues If I Want..."-Oasis

    Hello Everyone,

    The end is near for me. I can sense that my future really has no purpose, i'm 15, got molested when i was 3. lost most of my friends because i got out of hand, had 2 gf's in the past 4 years, both dumped ME. my mum and dad split up, he's in prison for drugs, she turned into a heavy drinker until i attempted suicide by <Mod Edit: Abacus21-triggering> infront of everyone at school, most kids screamed when they saw <Mod Edit: Triggering>. I got badly beaten and bullied at school, and they didnt do anything at all. I get blamed for everything and feel like that i'm never there, never in this world, i have to abuse myself to make sure i'm awake or alive, pinches and burns etc. I have lost another person i regarded as a friend, i doubt we would ever be friends again, and i cant wait for that to happen, it could take forever!!!:sad:

    I plan to commit suicide within the holidays or the beggining of school, it must end, i just want these final 3weeks to sort everything out and finish my album i'm recording, all by myself.

    Regards to anyone else in my prediciment,
    Love Aaron XxX

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  2. davebenson

    davebenson Guest

    why do u say this that has happened 2 me get over the past pls if u wana die cause ov wot other people av don 2 u then do it but it aint justified trust me get away from them if they do that 2 u u dont av 2 feel babd just get away from em an start again try it pls
  3. davebenson

    davebenson Guest

    oh shit i put my email up cause i thought it was a private message
  4. You know assisting in a suicide is illegal right? Just wanted to let you know before you go around offering to help people kill themselves.

    Anyways to the OP, sorry about your past and how things are going mate. The only advice I can give is to wait out the storm until the clouds clear or try and make things better for yourself. For example I just moved from my dad to my mom's house becuase I was seriously about a week away from killing myself. I had made an honest attempt before which consisted of me playing around with my dad's 9mil, "playing" as in putting it to my head and trying to work up the balls to pull the trigger.

    After that I resorted to cutting myself. I knew the reason most of this was happening was becuase I had placed myself in isolation so it gave me lots of time to immerse myself in my episodic depression, and ironically the reason I came there in the first place was to be isolated and it actually made me happy for awhile but then it backfired like too much of a good thing. I needed to distract myself from my own misery so I moved back here, and it worked.

    Point of the story is there is always something you can do about the way you feel even if you don't know why you're feeling the way you do. Try to get involved in something to distract yourself to keep from thinking about how bad you feel. Or if you have to pick the lesser of two evils and concentrate on something bad but not as bad as what you're concentrating on now. I hope that helps.
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  5. davebenson

    davebenson Guest

    hi but sorry but please dont contact or email me theblamedson do not email me i thought u was someone else im new 2 this forum i got u mixed up with another person sorry just dismiss my post thanks it was meant for someone else
  6. davebenson

    davebenson Guest

    'i cud help u' i meant i cud help u not to commit suicide i cud help u if im helpin somone then if this causes damage then it aint helpin them but if it makes things better then that is helpin them an i cud make things better by helpin them not 2 do suicide,if u called a helpline an said i wana do suicide theyed prob say i can help u ,like i said i can help u ,but like the helpline they mean help u 2 feel better so u wont do suicide like me that is wot i was sayin i can help u 2 feel better an not 2 do suicide,
  7. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Guys what's wrong we can hopefully all help each other..:peace::blub::anyone::hug:
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