My sweet love...

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  1. Anonymousnobody

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    My dear...

    My sweet love, if you die tonight, I'll wait on the other side to pull you through the abyss of death. And there'll be no more signs across these faded lines, I'll keep on wishing and hoping until your last breath.

    But my sweet love, if I die tonight, don't wait up for me, dear. Don't lie awake. Because if I'm gone, and if you care at all, please just move on.
    I'm not coming back.

    My sweet love, if I ever hurt you, please know my dear, that you were always there. And I'm not leaving because of something you've done, or something you didn't do. I'm not really leaving at all.

    My sweet love, I'm sorry that I exist. I forget what landed me on your black list. But I'm on the sheet of names you hate. Repulsive. Disgusting. Beautiful. Brilliant black lettering.*

    My sweet love, Why does my head hurt so? Why does my mind rush with incomprehensible images and words from some forgotten language that only I understand? Why is it that I was born, if I am only to die?

    My sweet love, if I'm gone tonight, please don't look for me dear. It will only make you upset. Just know, my love, that I'm somewhere above. Or maybe somewhere below, I'm not sure.

    My sweet love, Maybe I'm a sinner. Maybe I'm a beast. Maybe I'm a cruelty bred by this world. My own thoughts make no sense, not even to me. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm not real at all. Maybe this is just some daydream a child is having, and I am merely a character. I think I'd like that.

    My sweet love, the other day I fell ill. I thought I might be dying, love. I thought I might be dying. And, my sweet love, I don't know why, but my heart leapt with joy when I thought of closing my eyes. I cheered when I saw the casket, the coffin, smooth brown wood. I grinned as it was lowered into the ground. I laughed when nobody came to the service. My dear, not even you came to bid me farewell.

    My sweet love, I fear that I am mad. These small black words are but the ramblings of a depraved teenager. Small, insignificant, pointless. My sweet love, I do not know why I even waste the effort of typing out these words.

    Maybe in the hopes that you will someday find them, and remember me.
    My sweet love.

    Some of these lines are from distant memories. They may or may not be from books or songs, I can't remember. Please don't flame me for copying if something is from a book/song...
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    wow i loved that so much
  3. Anonymousnobody

    Anonymousnobody Well-Known Member's just some random thoughts....doesn't really make much sense...
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