my teeth fall out every night

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almost every single night for the past months ive dreamed that my teeth fall out. one by one i can just pull them out. while i sleep i feel how my entire jaw is cramped up and me grinding and biting my teeth together hard!
in the dream i always try to put my hand in my mouth or to bite on something soft or try to pull my jaw down but i can barely do anything, my jaw is stronger. maybe it stands for the urge to self harm as well.
so even though i dont feel like self harming anymore, or barely ever, subconsciously i still want to?
im tired of this realistic experience of my teeth all falling out every single night. most of the time i get to keep some teeth in the front so that to the outside you cant see that the rest is gone.
im gonna sleep with a mouth guard from now on! or simply choke on a sock in my mouth. its too scary and i really feel how hard i grind and push my teeth. i dont want to lose my teeth! dont wanna look like that :laugh: when i laugh!!!


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Have had this dream and it's ghastly!

Here's something I found on the net:

Psychological Meaning: Dreaming of teeth falling out may represent insecurity. These dreams often occur at a time of transition between one phase of life and another. When we lost our milk teeth, we also gradually lost our childhood innocence. Loosing your teeth therefore show that today you have similar feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness as you did in childhood. The dream could also highlight your worries about getting older or your sexual attractiveness.

Animal teeth may represent aggressiveness and false teeth may represent concern about your self-image. The dream could also be triggered by subtle toothache that you are not yet consciously aware of.


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oooh thank you for the quote! that gives me to think.
i also found somehting about insecurities and attractiveness but the
"When we lost our milk teeth, we also gradually lost our childhood innocence. Loosing your teeth therefore show that today you have similar feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness as you did in childhood" is interessting.
thank you! weird how something like teeth falling out can be related to these psychological meanings


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Apparently hair falling out has a psychological meaning too.
And have had that dream too........gets taken away by the men in white coats :laugh:


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I had dreams like this for a long time. But i've been in and out of dental/orthopedic offices since I was 8 years old. I've had bad teeth all my life so it's not surprising that I dreamed about losing them. The first time I actually lost a tooth to age was when I was about 27. I lost one in hte back. I think it may have something to do with my wisdom teeth putting too much pressure in hte back, but it could have been a cavity that hadn't been filled for years. But I was always told I'd lose my teeth young so the fact that I haven't lost too many yet it is somewhat reassuring. But I know that the tooth loss laws will not stay away forever. The law of diminishing returns.

Whether this is hte result of all those bad dreams or bad days I had while growing up, I don't know, but I've renounced sugar from my life to a great extent. I still eat fruit, but I am always mindful of any refined sugars I take in. Always wash my mouth out after eating anything with sugar. I try to eat things without it, but they put so much sugar in everything. Another thing that makes me do this is that concentrated sugars (like refined) make my teeth ache. Many years ago they bled when I had the same ache in response to eating sugar. That's when I figured out that there was something about sugar my teeth had no love for.

Funny thing is I can't eat oatmeal without some sugar.. like berries and/or orange juice and/or raisins and/or grapes. I've noticed that my teeth almost respond similarly to raisins, but it's not too bad. Eating sugar filled junk though is worse - it's actually painful.

When I was a young squirt I remember eating a whole carton of chipsahoy. The good ol' days are no more. But I don't miss em.

Grapes/Blackberries with a small splash of orange juice tastes great in oatmeal :) Little spendy, but far superior to refined offerings.

(please support your grape/blackberry/orange growers - this has been a paid advertisment made....)
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