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My Top Ten High Points of 2006

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This is just mine...But feel free to add your own, because I think it's always fun to do this :biggrin:

10. The time when I was a porn star, briefly. Because that was pretty damn cool :tongue: Very self-esteem-boosting... :tongue:

9. When I realised that the fact that the transition between being so happy to being so down could happen so quickly and was so drastic, did not mean that I am all over the place, but simply that I am no longer stuck in one down mood all the time. And sure, that might mean I have further to fall sometimes. But I'm damn glad that most days now I wake up happy to be alive. It's a most welcome change.

8. All the Skype orgies I've had with Joe (Abacus21), Rob (Malcontent) and Bunny...

7. The Formal, and that limo not getting round the corner and them having to WALK down the road...one of the most satisfying moments of my LIFE never mind of the YEAR...

6. Sarah's birthday party, and my conversation with Nathalie about Thanksgiving. CLASS.

5. October 19th, marking a year since I last cut.

4. Meeting Bunny!!

3. Singing in public. Nerve-wracking, but so, SO brilliant...

2. Finding out I'd got into Strathclyde, which I'd written off as never happening in a MILLION years...

and finally, my highest point of 2006:

1. Finding out that he loves me too.

Happy New Year everyone...and I hope 2007 is good to you *hugs all round*
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ok - so here is mine! dont think i can think of 10 tho!!

10 - getting more money at work!
9 - coming on this site and talking to great people in the chatroom
8 - the evil moo leaving work and the fab girl we got to replace her!
7 - staying in contact with a very good friend of mine
6 - my mum n dad getting on well.
5 - going to see my rugby team so much and so close up
4 - Hull kr winning the league and promotion - warrington was the best day of the year.
3 - although ive lost her now - my beautiful ex - gf/best friend. things have bin bad but my heart still yearns for her
2 - getting more confidence
1 - moonstar89 turning green for me!!!! to make me smile - it worked!

happy new year to you all and may it be a good year - i intend to stay here with all you lovely people

Love you all

Clare xxx
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