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My twin flame is the shadow of my pain

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by faceshed, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. faceshed

    faceshed Active Member

    Sometimes as I go to sleep I'll wish for death.
    When I sleep I can see death for a bit.
    I can forget myself and forget my pain
    sometimes I forget to think,
    I love to sleep.
    Once I love someone and they loved me back
    then I woke up.
    Sometimes as I wake up I'll be happy,
    but most of the time I just want to sleep more.

    this is my 2nd pome lost the first somewhere.
    in the title twin flame is another way of saying soul mate dunno if many people know that.
    and in the dream I mention I made love to a girl that was about to die to distract her from her death, as a sex dream I'd give it a D- but it was a beautiful dream.
    From what I know about interpreting dreams (witch is minimal) this is a sign that I lack love in my life, my standing is I feel loved but it's rare for me to love someone.
    Anyhow the dream girl is the shadow of my pain because if I wasn't in pain from some lack of love(ing) my subconscious would stop trying to send this message and she would disappear like a shadow.