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    I feel these two poems could relate a lot to the people here..

    This first one, I wrote a couple of days ago.
    (Might Trigger)
    I call it "The Lonely Night"..Here it is then :p :
    " She wanders in the dead of the night
    She's lonely and never alright
    When she thinks everyone's asleep,
    a guy takes her soul to keep.

    He watches over her too much,
    She's not safe anymore
    and when she tries to break away,
    he hurts her 'till she's sore.

    Hands suffocate her, but his presence isn't there
    He has her without trying
    Such a grip that she can't bare-
    His little dog

    He has everyone playing for him
    they have no idea,
    only she knows his secrets
    and when he's around, she's alive on a whim.

    Her parents are tricked
    they don't see her pain
    He's a sweet guy, they say
    But, oh, that's what he wants you to think.

    She tries to leave
    he blackmails her
    Twists her words
    She had enough.

    She goes to the police
    They do nothing
    He yells and leaves forever,
    but it's not over for her.

    His presence is always there
    Taunting her, keeping an eye on her
    His voice still echos in her mind,
    "No-One Will Love You, No-One Would Care If You Died."

    So she walks in the dead of the night, scars on her mind heart and body,
    blood on her wrists and legs,
    but no one can see,
    It's only 12:30 and everyone's asleep."

    The second one that I haven't named yet,:
    "She lays there weeping as her parents are sleeping
    She never knows when it'll end
    She looks at the clock but it always likes to mock
    Praying for an angel for God to send.

    People are there but she never seems aware
    She's always in her mind like a lair
    When she notices people staring she's never caring
    Making a wall so she'll never fall.

    She sees crimson blood and knows it's not good
    But she's still in her make with a wall that won't break
    She doesn't feel anything and probably never would
    Shut away in her mind, never again to wake.

    [Not finished]"

    I love the second one the most. :D
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