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  1. meh__

    meh__ Well-Known Member

    i've always been self concious about my looks to an extreme and i havent left the house without makeup since the fifth grade. recently everytime i am getting ready to go out or im in the car looking in the mirror i bawl my eyes out because i think im THAT if i have a blemish[aka everyday], i go insane. what is wrong with me? like i dont care about other peoples looks at all but for some reason i OBSESSSSS over mine to a point where i wont leave my room if i dont want to be seen. or ill like, wear a baggy sweater with the hood up.. but like i know that i cant be repulsively hideous because i do have friends and like, i just dont want to feel this way about my looks anymore..does anyone have any suggestions on ways to improve my self esteem or watever is wrong with me?

    (i dont think this is a crisis either but i didnt know where to put it, very sorry.)
  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    I dont think it is your physical looks that our the problem, there must be some underlying issue.
    I mean when you were younger did people call you ugly?
    have you ever been abused?
    there must be something that has made you this self conscious.
  3. meh__

    meh__ Well-Known Member

    i was molested before..
    not really called ugly that much,besides my brother
  4. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Your not ugly. One way to improve self esteem is by getting some new clothes, maybe getting someone who knows a thing or two about fashion would be of great help. I would help you in that department since i'm into fashion and design but I doubt we live in close proximatey to eachother.

    Also maybe try doing different styles with your hair and experiment.

    Like Blackness said, there might be a more underlying issue as to why your soo uncomfortable.
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