My uncle...

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Tavil, Jan 13, 2010.

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    He passed away in November from a battle with cancer.

    I'm so angry at him cause he never made any effort to call in so many years and would only visit if him and his family just happened to be going through town and even then it was only brief.
    I admit i and my dad are guilty of not calling them much ether but we did not have the same ability to travel like they did with my mother being bed ridden.
    I just wish i had gotten to spend more time with him. I saw him for a week or so in august 2008 when my grandmother passed away.
    He told me to come visit again in better times and not when something bad has happened. I wish i hadn't put it off. I wish i had gone when i had the chance.

    I always used to think everyone would be there forever. But now i'm finally realizing how feeble life is, how short it is.

    I hate cancer so much. It keeps popping up in my life.. My best friend (died in late 2007, was only 20 and had a baby girl), my uncle (was only in his mid 50s), my brother in law (thankfully has appeared to have beaten it)... It just wont go the hell away.

    Anyway im sorry for my rambling. I needed to get this out somewhere..
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    cancer has killed many in my family as well and seems to affect alot more people these days. I am sorry for your losses I hate cancer too it is an awful way to die.