My Vague Exercise and Eating Routine

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    So, this particular thread is rather aimless. I just felt like sharing/venting what I do, health and fitness-wise.

    I've been working out since September, and since then I've gone from being slender and out of shape, but not underweight, to being rather tone. I'm still quite unsatisfied, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. At this point, I would definitely consider exercise to be a hobby... and perhaps, unconsciously, an alternative for self-harm. It has also really helped me sleep, with the additional aid of over-the-counter sleeping meds. Nowadays, I take maybe an hour max to sleep, rather than the usual 1-2 hours... That's something at least.

    Benefits aside, I'm currently working out two days in a row and doing cardio on off-days. Specifically, I'd work solely on legs one day, then chest and back the next day, and then I'll do cardio and burn 500 calories in 30 minutes on my "off-day," and then work on core and biceps, and then shoulders and triceps. I'm not quite sure about whether or not burning 500 calories is too much, but at least I'm not doing that EVERY day. I'm trying to do a minimum of 6 exercises per muscle group (10 for legs), and the standard 4 sets, 10 reps per set. Since I'm burning a significant amount of calories every day, I'm aiming to consume more than 2000 calories per day, and definitely more than the bare minimum of 3 meals a day--so I'm trying to eat 3, 500-600 calorie meals, and 3, ~200 calorie snacks, per day. Basically, I intend to consume at least 2200 calories per day. I don't really have specifics as to what I eat, but definitely anything nutritious with a reasonable calorie to fat calorie ratio, and a decent total grams of fat, and they can't be totally loaded in sodium and carbs. Also, I try to drink a water bottle about every 2 hours to compensate for my rather unmoderated sodium intake... and just because drinking that much water every day is ideal, IMO.

    The hardest part is, for one, just getting to the gym--there's the distance and transportation factor, and there's, of course, my frame of mind. I live in the suburbs, so essentially nothing is walking distance. On top of that, I don't drive, so I have to rely on my parent(s) to take me to the gym, which is lame and inconvenient. My frame of mind is almost always shitty before I get there. Prior to exercising, I'll contemplate for hours how pointless it is to work out--that I'm only doing this because, if I hated my body any more, I'll probably lose myself completely, and I'm only masking my self-hatred and perpetuating my life. Eventually though, I just go; rarely do I opt out and just sleep/lie in bed all day.

    Well, maybe I'll post here again when I update and elaborate more on my routine. I still have a lot to learn.
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    This site has pretty cool tools, you can get a personalized food plan based on your personal specs and amount of exercise you do. I use it to maintain weight, haven't been able to stick to regular exercise routine other than walking a lot sometimes. Is it possible to bike to your gym btw?
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    This is rather helpful. Thank you. The challenge is varying my diet, since there's usually only so much that I can eat at home, especially healthy food. Limiting sodium intake would especially be a challenge. Oh, geez, biking to and from the gym would be quite the exercise in itself, considering how far away it is. On top of that, traffic would be a hassle. Even so, I can't bike for shit, but I'll keep that in mind for future reference.
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