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    I just wanted to rant a little. No one needs to reply but if they want to thats fine.. My headaches are worse then ever and I cant seem to beat the blues. Things are rolling off my back pretty easy and Im not angry over bad going ons but Im depressed none the same. We had to get rid of our dog today because we cant afford her health care. Our windsheild in the car was broken and it will cost us way more then we can afford to fix it. Our fridge blew up but luckily my Dad gave us his extra fridge. Then my washing machine breaks down and I have to hand was the clothes or fill the machine with water to soak them, hand ring them, and dry them as usual in the drier.. My moms having a new house build and is giving me her old one when she moves out. Its great because my dump is falling down and the one shes moving from is much nicer. I cant help beat the feeling Im getting a raw deal - it depresses me. I know she deserves it and Im so happy shes getting a new house but I feel like shit. I feel like I cant have anything, I dont deserve anything, and Im not allowed to have anything.. I cant beat the depression..
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    Hey Kristin I know how you feel. And it's one thing after another. Makes you feel like you are never ever going to get one foot out of the hole you're in. Cant make it any better for you but wanted to atleast let you know someone else understands. Passing along some completely new never been used hugs (lol). Hope you can use them.