my very first rant, *swear words*

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    Okay here goes...

    So a guy at work today (I work in IT support, fix peoples computer stuff when it goes wrong etc.) wants an external DVD burner set up on his brand new laptop, when his laptop already has a DVD burner intergated into the main unit. This laptop is six months old possibly less so its not slow in the burn speed department, but he wants an OLDER one attached as well because "his boss told him to" and when I attempted to reason with him over the phone about why this was quite possibly the worst idea in the history of worst ideas top 100 chart from stoneage to right at this very moment "but my boss told me so". Had to hit my head with a hardhat to get over the conversation after! So tomorrow I'm going to waste 1/2 an hour of my time to do quite possibly the stupidest thing ever. Was very tempted to ring his boss and say "why are you a complete tosspot of a person to get me to do this?", but thankfully resisted.

    So changed my SW today to a new person, for "no reason" - I don't buy it, they just don't change it for no reason whatsoever. So my old SW is on the phone with me two weeks ago told me that the new person had my file and that everything would be okay smooth transistion.

    Couldn't be further from the truth. Now bear in mind I've taken an hour off work to be there rushed to get there on time and it was quite apparant she'd not read any of it. Why oh why did she drag me out of work, which I enjoy most of the time, to be asked questions about my brothers and sisters when its written in the goddamn notes not once twice thrice four five six or even seven but EIGHT FUCKING TIMES! And it wasn't even asking "So how many brothers and sisters do you have" it was "what about your parents" then 5mins later "what about your sisters" and right like clockwork 5mins after that "what about your brothers", talk about cutting to the chase.

    Asking why I don't go to the university consellor? I'm on placement and my university is 100miles away like I metioned at the START of the session.... (rather than spam here you can thump your keyboard with random letters and you'll get my ideas)

    And to top it all off she said it was "good I was taking my medication everyday" when I'd already agreed with my previous SW and Pysch that I wasn't taking anymore, which would also probably be in the notes (yeah the big yellow folder with my name on it) along with a list of all the meds I took before that, notes that I'm curiously banned from reading. Why is that anyway? I can't understand it!

    To be honest I'm at the stage of "fuck it, why bother" to taking time off to repeat myself I'd rather bang my head off a brick wall, hell it'd be probably more useful. I already know they're lying to me about everything about the change, about threating me with sectioning, so why do I keep doing it to myself? Am I truly a glutton for punishment? Am I condemned to work with people who know nothing about IT but act like they're some kind of god?

    p.s. its okay to laugh at some of the above, I'm laughing and crying inside over todays events, and its only monday. sigh the start of a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong week... :sad:
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    the first time i saw the psych at the day hospital she didn't even get the method right about my attempt.

    she looked at me and said "so, why did you take an overdose of pills" .... i responded "i have no idea what you are talking about...." she hadn't even bothered to open my file or even speed-read through it.

    i left there feeling about two inches tall. and she's the head consultant. f**king wanker.

    it's like i said to you last night, just find that *one* person you trust and can work with, as for the rest, if you have to put up with them in order to get access to other services, so be it.

    can you call the original social worker? did you get on okay with her? she's bound to understand how stressful these changes are.
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    I'm hateful, not a monster. I dunno about calling my original SW to discuss my new one, it just seems tattletale-esque I guess.
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    yeah, i didn't mean you should rat out the new one, i meant just ask the old one - who you like, right - just ask her straight up about why they made the switch. if it doesn't sound right, just say so. otherwise you are just guessing as to the reasons.

    what do you mean about being a hater, not a monster? i dont' understand...
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    I dunno I guess I misunderstood I thought ratting the new SW out was a bit evil and would make me feel bad, but then again I am a bad person so its not really any different. I'll probably ask my head pysch his reasons for it I asked my old SW before and she said there was no reason. Although at the minute I might not even turn up to another session if it was as bad as today.
  6. dazzle11215

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    i am really sorry it went so badly, but yeah, i didn't mean rat her out (although i didn't really explain myself) - all i meant was ask directly and express your concerns, rather than going on intuition. 'cos when we aren't feeling so well, for me at least, we come up with the worst possible explanation. i have had my ups and downs with mental health services so i know how frustrating it can be.

    as for you being bad? that has to be the depression talking. there is no way you are a bad human being. i see a smart, articulate, funny guy, doing his best to survive. that's all. please stay safe.