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My very special book is destroyed :(

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Why child? Why must you destroy everything we own???
I'm not upset about the broken furniture from your climbing, it can easily be replaced.

I'm not angry about the coloring on the walls, I can clean that up.

I'm not bothered by the broken cabinet doors, those can be repaired.

But I am fuming about the shredded up second edition copy of Just so Stories that I just found in your bedroom! How did you even get it??? It was on top of the hutch in the living room, well out of your reach!

Ugh, I have to keep saying "I will not spank my child, I will not spank my child, I will not spank my child" and it's become a chant inside my head over the last 15 minuets.

So I've canceled the playdate we had planned for today and put her down for a nap, but I feel so heartbroken over losing this very special book! It's the only good thing I had as a child, the only thing that made all the bad go away and now it's gone. Buy a new copy you say? Sure, I could, but it's not the same. This is a second edition and I've had it all my life!

I'm not the type to put too much value into material things, but this thing in particular has always been my exception. I've held on to it through homelessness, basic training, constant moving around, hospital stays and rehab... now it's gone. I'm so angry and so upset, all over this book, a thing, something I can replace (kind of) and it makes no since.

No one needs to respond, I'm just so upset and needed to vent, and venting isn't helping either. I know it's irrational to get this upset over a book, but I can't help it. :( So very sad :(


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So sorry about your book!

I've had first editions of stuff, and I've found them destroyed, especially after forking over a bundle for them.

So sorry that this has happened to you. Children get into everything, and nothing is beyond their reach... except for boxes high in the garage. I keep everything of value high in the garage.


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Oooooh - OUCH! I'm sorry to hear that happened.

Young'uns see paper and books only as things that can be scribbled on, chewed, ripped up...I imagine them thinking, "This is Mum's, and the corner is where she turns the page. I can smell her soap on the corner. Mmmm..."

But it's heartbreaking for us because we've attached a history or meaning to an object. Maybe salvage what you can and make the sad situation a new history that parent and child can tell as a humourous "I ate the best book in the house. Really voracious reader, even before I knew the alphabet!" (The type of story that will go over well when the time comes with the new gf/bf in 15 years from now!)

This problem with wrong books being chosen by the toddler is so pervasive. I have a friend who used to keep all the big catalogues that came to the door in a special "reading, cut'n'paste" toy box. Those were baby's books for a long time.

Sending you hugs. I know this is a hard situation to deal with. :hug:


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Beloved son destroyed a much loved musical dog I'd had from a young child.
Could have cheerfully strangled the rodent! :mad: but he got told off so severly he never touched my things again :laugh:
I've been trying to tape it back together, I don't want to have to try and replace it because it's this copy, this one copy that holds meaning for me. It got me through some of the worst times in my life and was always a comfort, and still has the written note in the front cover from when my grandfather gave it to me, and the note from his father from when he gave it to him when he was a boy. It is literally the only thing I have held onto my entire life, I've had it since I was 7 years old <3

I love the idea, Acy, of setting some "shreddable" books out where she can get to them, so she will leave my collection alone, thank you for the suggestion. My daughter loves when I read to her, but doesn't yet understand that if she rips up the books, we don't get to read them anymore lol, so this way she can rip up her own books, and then we will still have the story books for bedtime :D


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
Beloved son destroyed a much loved musical dog I'd had from a young child.
Could have cheerfully strangled the rodent! but he got told off so severly he never touched my things again
Not so beloved ex (before he was ex) made me throw out much loved "Mr. Dog" who was held together with satin and silk scarvers. I miss Mr. Dog. :blub:


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So sorry for the losses expressed here especially the original poster.

big :hug: for all
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