My Vicious Circle

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    I have come to the realisation that when something bad happens in my life, I go through what I call a vicious circle in terms of emotion. This circle consists of three phases. In order to initiate said phases, something needs to trigger them, for example, having a rough day.
    Phase one is sadness, general self-pity, the wonderment of why this is happening to me and why everyone else's lives look so happy, etc. During this phase I tend to keep my emotions to myself.
    Phase two is anger. This is where I let everyone around me be aware that I am pissed off, even if it isn't their fault. I find someone to blame and I blame them hard. This often results in conflict, which I hate. Though I get a slight sense of satisfaction once I've let off my steam, so I then lead myself into phase three.
    Phase three is calming myself down, and just chilling out. I usually think that the results of phase two have affected me positively, so I start to think the best in life again. Until something else bad happens, then the phases start all over again.
    I now know that my emotions run wild through this crazy system. What I don't know is how to get out of it before I really hurt someone.
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    That's great that you can step back and see it as phases. That you know what's going on with yourself. To stop it, next time you're in one of these phases realize that it is just a phase and it has no power over you. You can change your thinking and choose not to participate in this vicious circle.
    It's hard to stop because it becomes such a habit. Such a routine. I have my own cycle's and repetetive phases and it's so hard for me to get out of them because they at least bring me comfort when nothing else does. But they bring me more misery than I deserve.
    Hope that helped. Good luck