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My view on homosexuality

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by suicide_ideation, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. I hear arguments from both sides, and to me none make any sense. So, in a non-confrontional and uncondescending way, I'm gonna share my view, which I believe is the rational and logical position.

    My view is not mainstream, but it is reality, and I'll try to make my point, without getting banned, people share their views, I'm gonna share mine, and i'm gonna keep it clean.

    Humans have an instinctive urge to reproduce. Biologically-speaking, there is a 'fault' somewhere in the homosexual's brain, science has showed this; homosexuals have higher levels of feminization in some parts of their brain. That is why most homosexuals 'act' more feminine in comparison to other males - for lesbians, it's the other way around. So, is this an 'abnormality'? In a way, it is, cuz it's not in the norm. But in a scientifical way, is it normal? Were humans meant to be homosexual? I think not. I compare it to being born with 3 legs. Homosexuality ressembles OCD, which is a mental disorder, in the way, that both have an urge to do something which is, in my opinion, 'irrational'. Keep in mind, that without, the 'fault' in the brain, no male will want to sodomize another male.

    Some will say homosexuality exists in nature, so that's a proof it's ok, or natural. Incest exists in nature. Animals are born with 3 legs. What does that prove?

    Homosexuality, by it's very nature, is consensual. While pedophilia or zoophilia isn't. But all three are attracted to something they shouldn't be, in my opinion.

    Did our tolerance for gays, lead to promiscuity in gays? Which, in turn, led to the spread of HIV in the gay community.
    The sex revolution of the 1960s was followed by the spread of HIV/AIDS. Coincidence?

    Ok, I'm just warming up here.

    I am not a Christian. But I believe if we're gonna live in a 'civilized world', we should have some rules. It's either that, or we go back to the jungle with the monkeys, but we do not live in a 'civilized world' like monkeys.

    I reject lust, because I'm unselfish. So, the only form of sex, humans should have, in my opinion, is procreational sex. Because it has a natural purpose. All other motives, are hedonistic. Lust can lead to a variety of bad stuff and filth, including porn, incest, zoophilia, and abortion.

    Heteros and homos are both tempted by lust. So the real issue here is lust, rather than homosexuality.

    So, am I expecting the modern gay man, who's not religious like me, to follow what my beliefs are. Nope. But I'm following my beliefs.

    I'll also add to end this, that gays do not chose to be gay, obviously. They're either born with it, or they become it.

    I wanted my voice to be heard on here, I read lots of threads, recently about gays, and I didn't agree with anything that's been said.
  2. I think the over-riding motivation that drives sexual activities ( of any kind ) is the desire to experience pleasure....not the desire to make a new human.

    When a man performs anal sex :eek: on his willing female partner, how does that express a desire to procreate ? When a male and female willingly perform oral sex :bleh: upon each other, how does that express a desire to procreate ? :baby:

    As far as being driven by lust:evil:, so what ? What if a young man and woman ( or same-sex couple ) are at the stage in life where their hormones are at their peak..if they consent to have a relationship that is based upon the mutual pursuit of sensual gratification what is that to anyone else ? Where is the destructive or degrading, dehumanizing, aspect that you may find so abhorent ?

    All human relationships are based partially upon the assumption of "what do I get out of it ?" Our parents as youngsters, sized each other up and based their first impressions of each other purely upon sexual attractiveness. For the vast majority of humanity the "cute ass"
    theory is step # 1 in any relationship.

    Unbridled sexual energy does not need to be legitimized by stating that it should only be used for making new humans. Btw, there are more than six billion people on Earth, how many more do you think we need ? :blink:

    Yes, we do need legal parameters regarding child molestation, rape, etc, but thankfully these sexual practices represent only a small portion of the sexually active. As long as these rules are not being violated then just leave people the hell alone. We only live once, and our sexual drive won't last us in our advanced years :eek:ld:, so as long as you're not having sex with corpses or something..then copulate till you can't stand up. :drool::barmy:

    Just my humble opinion. :patriot:
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  3. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    That's a wrong generalization. All homosexuals don't act more like the opposite sex than normal. It may be a abnormality yes but it happens. What are you trying to imply? That we should mistreat or make homosexuality or bisexuality illegal like in some other countries (which are mostly governed by religious fanatics btw)? It doesn't have any more negative effects than heterosexuality, there is no reason to be intolerant of gays.
    Sex for relief is normal, its just like urinating, you can't hold it in too long and its only natural to do it. True that lust can have some bad effects if misused thats why people should be more educated about it and taught more logical rules. Because it may cause some bad things to happen some times doesn't mean every one shouldn't have sex for any thing but reproducing. Some other animal species have sex just for pleasure too if that means any thing.
  4. I'd rather have an authoritarian state, than a tolerant state.
  5. And, yes, homosexuals ''act'' more feminine than heterosexuals.
  6. Raiden

    Raiden Guest

    You're incorrect about homosexuals "acting" more feminem than Hesterosexuals, by the way.
  7. Hi suicide.

    Some gay men do have "girl-ish" mannerisms :bubbles:, but what of it ?

    Some gay men are extremely masculine and athletic :football:; some gay men are just plain-looking :burp: slobs.

    There are heterosexual men that are prissy :cheer: as well. No offense but, big f**kin' deal.

    None of these physical affectations have anything to do with their character do they ?

    I saw a gay Marine ( male ) on the Bravo network show called Workout. This dude wasn't pretty and he sure as hell didn't swish. I'm sure if someone wanted to call him out on that issue that he would be more than happy to kick some ass. :thatsit:

    I'm not ragging on you either. You are entitled to be as mainstream or radical in your views as you see fit. Btw, it's an interesting thread ,so far.
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  8. ~Nobody~

    ~Nobody~ Well-Known Member

    I know several who do, but in fact I know more who do not. They are not any more effeminate than your average bloke and you wouldn't even guess they were gay. Which is probably where your misconceived generalisation comes from - of the men that you know are homosexual, most are relatively effeminate.

    That does not mean that the majority of homosexual men behave in an effeminate manner.

    You can't honestly be suggesting that all gay men "act feminine". Or are you?

    I would like to echo Darken in asking what solution you are proposing. You suggest that accepting homosexuality caused the spread of AIDS. Does that mean we shouldn't accept it? Would you like it to be illegal to perform any homosexual act? (As an aside, I only "know" - a friend of a friend of the family - one person who is HIV positive, and she is a heterosexual female.)

    You have said on a few occasions that your problem isn't with homosexuality, but with "lust", defined by yourself as any sexual act that cannot result in pregnancy and childbirth. And if your problem is with "lust", then why is it always homosexuality you are discussing, rather than oral sex or contraception?

    Are you a believer in Natural Law or Causality (I presume the latter, if anything, as you say you are not religious) in all aspects of life? How did you come to the conclusion that the sole purpose of sexual behaviour is procreation? Sex can strengthen a relationship, it can be the most beautiful expression of a couple's love for one another - do you accept that? If you do, then why can it not do the same for a homosexual couple?

    One last point... You admit yourself that we can in no way choose our sexuality, so I don't understand how you can propose to do anything about it. Why should we be allowed to deny a couple that aspect to their relationship, purely because they happen to be of the same gender?

    I'd really appreciate it if you could have the decency to consider my questions and answer them all, rather than replying with one sentence. I have taken the time to participate thoughtfully to your discussion point, so it'd be good if you could take the time to respond fully to what I have said. Thank you.


    By the way, PDW, excellent post :yes: :thumbup:.

    EDIT: Posts, in fact. You replied again as I was typing.
  9. Thank you, ~Nobody~ :victory:
  10. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    suicide_ideation, why do you have a picture of Che Guevara as your avatar, if you're not communist? You talk about authoritatian states being better than tolerant ones (the Soviet Union was NOT communistic, by the way). Isn't communism supposed to be the ultimate form of democracy?
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  11. Some gays are easy to spot. And some are so effeminate that you won't ever see a heterosexual have similar mannerisms. Metrosexuals, btw, are totally distinct to me, and I never questioned Ryan Seacrest's 'orientation'.

    Right, not all gays behave in an effeminate manner.

    I am not proposing any solutions. I'm reading what's been said, and I'm retorking with what I think is the truth.

    I don't know that I'd impose any laws on gays, in particular. But I don't like homo-fascists either that want to jail anyone that disagrees with them.

    I know that HIV exists outside the gay community.

    My point exactly, homosexuality isn't the issue, it should never be mentionned by Christians. Lust and sodomy is enough, and it touches both heteros and gays. No need to single out anybody.

    I am an anarcho-primitivist, so I understand our instinctive urge to procreate. And evolution and natural selection. But I don't understand filth and lust in an unnatural world.

    I think I've answered all your questions.

    It's leaking, and the water is flooding, arm yourself with buckets, and throw the water out. I wanna close the leak. You people have found too much pleasure swimming in the flood.

    Controlling symptoms is much harder than healing a disease.

    We need a radical change.
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  12. This is slightly off topic but communism essentially is an economic theory just as capitalism is an economic theory. They both are two different approaches as to how a nation's market system is set up and how it supposedly benefits it citizens.

    They have little to do with whether a nation is totalitarian or not.

    A nation based upon communism could, if it wished, extend many civil liberties to its citizens and still retain a collectivist economy.

    A capitalist nation could embrace the principles of individual financial gain and yet still be a nation that severely curtails its citizens' freedoms ( eg, the USA and the controversial Patriot Act )

    Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack this thread...now back to fag-bashing !

    Ha ha, I just saw the Real Jock banner ....someone has a good sense of timing ! Hilarious !
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  13. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    Hmm, that's not what I've heard from the leader of the Swedish political party Vänsterpartiet... according to him, communism is the ultimate form of democracy, and he really seems read on communism. I guess I will have to read the teachings of Karl Marx, when I have the energy... should do it, anyway, considering a big part of my relatives see themselves as communists... my mother, too.
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  14. Actually you've thrown out a lot of miscellaneous ramblings. All I know ( or at least I think I know ) is that you're not too keen on gays and that you possess some rather unorthodox political views. That's all fine and dandy.

    You haven't as yet defined what your "water, flood, close the leak" metaphor
    actually means. I would like to hear...in concrete terms...what exactly is your "radical change" solution ?

    Please enlighten us.
  15. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I know that this in no way conreibutes anything substantial to the thread, but I like hanging out with guys more than girls, so I really want a gay male friend to go shopping and get pedicures with.

    My religion of course states that homosexuality is immoral, but not being gay, I can't really say that if I were homosexual I would just live a life of celebacy. Yes, the Bible says homosexuality is wrong, twice I think. But the Bible is much more concerned with not being judgemental of others, so I believe that being overly-judgemental is a lot worse than just being gay and living your life.
  16. I believe the spokesman for the Vansterpartiet is engaging in political doublespeak as far as his use of the term "democracy" is concerned. The terms almost seem mutually exclusive, almost like saying one is a Satan worshiping Christian.

    Oh well, I live in America so I am at a distinct disadvantage compared to you
    in evaluating Swedish politics. I suppose anything is possible.
  17. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Also, if I had a gay child, I would be very sad because I know that their life would be a heck of a lot more difficult as a result. People who are anti-gay tend to be seriously anti-gay...to the point where they think society is going to come crashing down just because 10 percent of the population enjoy a little same-sex action.

    It cracks me up how guys love to see 2 women together, but practically throw up if they see 2 guys holding hands. I think a good rule is if a guy wants to watch girl-on-girl porno with you, tell him fine as long as you can follow it up with a little man-on-man viewing. That usually nips it in the bud. Guys like to explain it away saying "it's not the same because the female body is so beautiful" blah blah blah. They've obviously never seen Michelangelo's David.
  18. Oops, sorry peanut. I went off on a tangent again with Hai-Gi and
    political discussions. Maybe this thread should be re-named Homosexuals and Communists: can they co-exist peacefully in the 21'st century ? :wink:
  19. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Hehe...I submit that they can. Very appropriate avatar btw :)
  20. Peanut is a Christian that seems to have no problems with porn and sodomy.

    Communists and gays can they coexist?

    Christianity and homosexuality is uncompatible. But of course there are gay Christians. Just as there are, environmentalists driving suvs.

    Of course democracy and communism is compatible.
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