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My Wife Just Cheated On Me

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Well, I posted some time ago that I suspected my wife was cheating on me (but, at the time, I took it as my own ruminating paranoia). Alas, she has been, and she admitted it to be last night.

She's also pregnant. (If the other man, who is fifty two years old to my thirty two, is to be believed, the baby probably isn't his because he's had a vasectomy.) My wife kept having sex with me regularly during her affair, so I'm probably both a cuckold and a father.

Naturally, of course, given my ways, I'm ready to jump off a bridge. Meanwhile she's inside, apologetic, wanting to stay married, saying all will be different, and so forth. And the child, the child, the child.


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Oh I'm very sorry :( this must be world crushing for you.

There's alot going on, and I bet that everything feels unsecure down to the core. Try and relax, I know it's impossible, but try and not look at everything that's going bad at once. It'll drive you nuts and you really feel like there's no options.
But there's loads of things, but most importantly who you are can and still will have a life regardless if it is with her or without. I would suggest talking to someone right now, just to get what you're feeling out instead of it botteling up. And try and.. Look i know personally when my relationship hit a devastating low, that you need to have time to yourself to gain your own perspective. More to the point, because you love her and she knows you very well, her words can change how you feel and see things.

To be honest, keep posting. But for what it's worth, you deserve more than this and there is a way through it. It's just going to take sometime.
Keep talking :hug:


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I tried to stick around after my wife cheated, but it only lasted about a year and a half. Probably because I don't believe she ever stopped cheating.
I just found out my husband cheated on me many times with many different people. It started while I was pregnant with our first son and I just found out I'm now almost 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child and I think she is the only thing stopping me..I feel like if when i have her i will kill myself to not be selfish but im scared that I might not wait...Cheating is hard to deal with. and I am so sorry to hear what has happened. I don't want to do this anymore..i can't
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