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my wolf came back

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Last night my wolf came back to me I was so afraid I had lost him I was so afraid he was broken forever but last night he came back to me he screamed he howled and he told me that we may of lost our soul mate but she would not want us to go yet she wants us to live for her too and too make her proud I am so happy to have this part of my self back I am starting to become me again I guess I am writing this to say that after my attempt I now know that I was not meant too go.

So I will now move on to something else my new goals I plan to get my books published with in the next year I would also like to visit the country my kitty feel in love with and see why she loved it so much and last but not least I plan if my books do well I would like to start a charity to set up crises centers in places where there are none I believe these goals are doable they are things which will make her proud and they are things I believe I can accomplish with the time I have left.


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Am glad your attempt failed and even more glad to see you so positive and forward looking :smile:
Hope the book does well so you can put some of your plans into action.
What's it about?


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thank you rocket and terry I am writing 3 books 2 which are fiction and my blog for them is in the creative writing one is a vampire detective story and the other is a pirate story as my partner always wanted to be a pirate so she got the lead and the third is going to be about my experiences what led me to my choices and the after effects my new coping methods and ways to help others in similar situations.


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if you can channel that writing it would be amazing
you have talent and ability for writing
great insight as well
and a good and kind heart


and thank you for everything


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Good news Ritsu - I'll have to check out your writing as I've dabbled myself and know a few writers also.

Its funny how life works out sometimes. This shows that we often go through a storm before we see some calm.

My regards.
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