My world - A series of poems

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    My world
    I'm living in a world,
    Full of perpetual dreams,
    Nothing is what it's like,
    Nothing is as it seems.

    I scrape and claw,
    At the world around
    I scream and yet,
    No one hears a sound.

    Why did this have,
    To happen to me,
    No one ever looks
    I just want them to see.

    I know I cant do,
    This alone.
    But soon their going to hear.
    That little tone.

    As I lie dieing,
    On the hospital bed,
    Who is going to ask,
    What was going on in his head?

    Yet for years I cried,
    And begged for help
    Life's last hand,
    Still wasn't dealt.

    Its the choices we make,
    To ignore or to see,
    To show kindness and love,
    Or turn and let be.


    I Wish
    I wish you would finally notice me,
    I wish I could get you to see,
    that we should be together,
    forever and ever.
    I wish upon every star burning bright,
    I wish to hold you tight,
    every night,
    and never leave my sight.
    I wish to thank the lord above,
    for hearing me and trying to help,
    I wish for an unbreakable heart,
    one that will never fall apart,
    I wish to never be blue,
    But most of all, I wish for you.


    The Wind Blows
    The wind blows and dries my tears,
    and washes away all my fears.
    Sitting around thinking about the one,
    time in my life when I had so much fun.
    Each day was a new mystery,
    but now thats gone, it's all history.
    You saved me from my own,
    only if I could of known.
    That I would let you slip away,
    now I am begging for you to stay.
    I need you in my life right now,
    but to you I am disavow.
    I don't know what I did to you,
    but only if I could of knew.
    I would of changed what was wrong with me,
    it would of been better just wait and see.
    I want to leave this world behind,
    someone to care about me, I have yet to find.
    I hide my insecurities deep inside,
    taking everyone on for a ride.
    Keeping them locked up tight,
    safe and sound, out of sight.
    Thinking about this, I let out a sigh,
    then slowly start to cry.
    Then the wind blows and dries my tears,
    and washes away all my fears.


    Untitled as of now
    Hiding in my sheltered place
    I cant bring myself to look you in the face,
    heart ache is what you condemned me to,
    now I can't even look at you.

    You were the one who tore us apart,
    And the one who put this pain in my heart,
    I was willing to die for you,
    There wasnt anything I wasnt willing to do
    To save you from your own pain,
    and keep you from going insane.

    But then you severed all ties with me
    now you and I will never be,
    together in a everlasting bond,
    you were the one who I grew so fond.

    But you used me for your personal gain,
    and that caused me so much pain,
    that is the reason I cant let you go,
    Because I still love you so.


    Alone I feel the pain inside,
    Alone is where I run and hide,
    I run away every time I get down,
    Because I am afraid I will be found,
    Afraid that people will see the real me,
    The weak and fragile human being,
    In an endless search I am forever to be,
    For the one who will complete the real me,
    She will be the one I get through,
    And the one I can open up to.
    In here arms I will be safe,
    Forever in her warm embrace,
    With eyes that peer deep in my soul,
    And eyes that tells me that she knows.

    In the darkness sleep is waiting,
    But in my mind a candle burns,
    It's shadow casts me back, BACK,
    And the memory returns,
    Alone I wander along the path,
    To banish all my thoughts,
    I watch the sun blush as it banks on dusk,
    And my corner of the world turns red,
    As the sun rides on its time worn tracks,
    The moment melts away,
    The spirit that will leave my heart,
    is the spirit of melancholy,
    When the paths we tend must part,
    and in the autumn eve,
    Of our love I dream will be lost,
    I watch the shades before me deepen blue,
    as the shadow of my past
    learns a lighter hue.


    The lost
    The boy in the corner, sat alone.
    He sat and stared with eyes of stone,
    They always wonder but never ask
    What make him burn behind his mask.

    Rage he screamed out from within,
    All the chaos that buried in him.
    Sin and vengeance were part of his name.
    No amount of masks could hide his pain.

    Screaming and violence were from his wrath.
    Pain and heartache was on his path.
    This hideous beast was all he has known.
    This gruesome monster was hiding alone.

    The dark holes of his heart were broken and scarred.
    With stains of sins left with no regard.
    The canyons of his heart were torn
    Hes soul marred and worn.

    What crippled this once gorgeous soul?
    What tore this heart, these feelings stole?
    What possibly could leave him thus?
    Was it beatings, blows continuous?

    Could angry words, unloving hearts
    Have ripped this person apart?
    Pain so deeply imprinted in
    His soul, what was it's origin?

    Ask him if you get the chance.
    Tell him of deliverance.
    Maybe this cold furious youth.
    Will turn his eyes and see the truth


    Last poem (MAY TRIGGER !!!!)

    Her parents storm out
    Shes left all alone
    Barely a teen
    In a broken home

    She runs to her room
    Slams the door
    Picks up her knife
    She can take it nomore

    She slits her left wrist
    The other one too
    She thinks her last thoughts
    Soon itll be through

    Her mother comes home
    Dials 911 straight away
    But too late, shes pronounced dead
    And its her 16th birthday
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    I do like The Lost.
  3. total eclipse

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    So much pain i am so sorry no one sees this and is willing to help you get the so much needed services that can undue the harm. Please don't give up go to the hospital and tell them how you are feeling. Tell your doctor the pain you have. Make them see you need help. Call crisis team and let them know you are having so much pain and need someone to help you cope. Please you are so young and you will find others who care you will you just can't see it now because your mind is so distorted with saddness. Tell your parents you need help get on some meds to ease this pain talk to a psychologist anyone a councillor and let them know your struggles. Please we care here we can see you we can feel you pain and know you need help so now you need to get it. Call crisis emerg doctors and say you are having feelings of wanting to kill yourself and you need help to stop it please reach out one more time. Your poetry god i can relate to so much at that age i had noone please please reach out and pm me anytime there is hope and there will be others to share your heart with but you need to get strong first so you can be well and stay well.
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