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my worst night mare ( he did it to help but did it in vain)

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As i walked in he sat quietly reading a book "Adventures in Neverland" I said
"hey baby what's up"
"hun we gotta talk" he replied
casualy I strolled into the kitchen expecting some what did u do talk but boy was I wrong
"sure hun" I said
"look I know about your cancer" he said quietly
"so the doc says we caught it on time" I said
"I know but ur suffering" he said in an angry tone
"hun..." i said with a growing fear
"I am going to make it so you never suffer again baby" he said eagerly
"what are you doing baby" I said filled with fear as he opened up the drawer next to him
"I promise it wont hurt" he said a tear in his eye
"what won't hurt what are you going to do" I said trembling
"you will see" was the reply
as I put my cell phone away he pulled a gun from the drawer and slowly raised it towards me
"hun you don't wanna do this trust me" I cried
a sudden pain filled my chest
"damn it I missed" he shouted
I fell off the table wincing in pain as he walked to my side and held the gun to my temple I closed my eyes and said
"I love you and I always will love you"
I was dead
he fell onto the ground next to me
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