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  1. SAVE_ME

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    I find it terribly annoying when I comment/message someone on myspace (or Facebook for that matter) and yet they don't even bother to message me back. It's called 'common courtesy'! What, do ppl think they're so high and mighty that they don't have to take a few seconds out of their...*ahem*..."busy" lives to just pop a quick "Hi" back? People usually say they're too busy or w/e, but then they don't seem too busy to be chatting away with their other buddies and "showing them love". And I know they read it cause when I check 'sent messages' it says 'read' under status. Yet the thing that REALLY riles me up is when they start attention whoring later on, posting bulletins like "pc4pc?" trying to get pic comments to boost their egos (oh, and I've commented on others' pics a few times...and no, they don't comment back, surprise surprise! :tongue: ) It's even worse when it's them who added me. I mean ffs, if you weren't gonna bother talking to me then why'd you add me in the first place? Is it supposed to be some sort of popularity contest? Let's see who has the most friends?

    Ah, don't mind me....just slightly annoyed atm.....

    I will never truly understand people. :dry:
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    I'm not sure what to say except

    it's come to the point where I don't want to talk to anyone,
    because I don't want to be the one who isn't replied to.
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  3. ScouseJM

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    those websites are only about high numbers of friends these days im afraid
  4. :sad:

    Seems to me that you already know the answers to your last couple of questions.

    Live and learn, dude - though many of the lessons are not pleasant, even if they are "enlightening"...

    I feel rather the same way about certain folks I know, and their e-mail correspondences (or lack thereof)

    ...Kinda like "Oh...enough about me ---- what do YOU think of me??" (twits!) :wink:
  5. LetItGo

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    yes it is

    i dont see facebook quite the same, for me its just a place that I occassionally update my bio or update "Matt is....blah", but im not of the age group that takes any of this "social networking" seriously cause im too :eek:ld:
  6. BlackPegasus

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    I always try to message back.

    To be honest I talk more about my problems on there than here.
  7. BlackPegasus

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    I sent ya a friend's request.
  8. pastelmoon

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    Myspace is a popularity contest. I wouldn't look for true friends on there. I mean you might find one but its unlikely. Most people only care about the number of "friends" they have and thats it. If you want to weed out the people that don't comment back just leave them a couple and if they don't respond within a week delete them. Its that simple.
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    God I know exactly what you mean. Especially when you see them replying to others right after. It's really fucking annoying, but if you post saying "WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU REPLY YOU TIT?!" everyone would think you were some weird online creep. And the worst thing is being put low on peoples friends lists, although you're one of their best friends, you're not cool enough, and they'd rather show off their other friends like trophies. People always say dont take it so seriously its just the internet, but really, the internet is another form of expression, if somebody ignores you on myspace/facebook or whatever, they're basically saying fuck off I'm a snob and don't want to talk to you, it's just as offensive as when someone is rude in real life, just a little less surprising and a little more irritating.
  10. MySpace seems to cause a desire for people to either love or hate to such intensity, that they do things which are quite hurtful. For example: Victoria Lindsay.
  11. BlackPegasus

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    Well I keep my comments and friends lists private on my profiles. No one can even see how many friends or comments I have. I use it for networking professionally as well but for me it's not a popularity contest. In fact few people comment or message me.
  12. SAVE_ME

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    oh that site makes me want to fucking kill myself so much!! ppl are shit!! Oh well....who fucking cares?!! If that's the way they want it eh? Fuck me!! I don't even exist!! Who should give a shit about little old me?!! Even ppl I knew in real life don't seem to want anything to do with me!! Fuck it!! Just fuck it already!! I'm sick of myspace!! I'm sick of facebook!! I'm sick of ppl!! I'm sick of life!!