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Is it me, or has anybody here felt any disturbing emotions while visiting these networking websites like (myspace, hi5, zorpia, etc etc) I mean they call these a place for friends, but it seems like not only is everybody fake there, that I feel a negative aura every time i visit it, for instance you see all of these porn star and fake girls that have a zillion friends (mostly average humans) that so desperately message them and comment their pics, as if they are their only hope for validation, and the most attractive ppl on earth. I know I'm addicted to myspace, but to be honest, I felt WAY happier before I got involved on it, I had higher esteem, was more active, the only good thing I found on myspace were long lost friends from high school, thats about it. But I'm really thinking about kicking that site for a while just to see how I feel in the long run. Does anybody else have problems with that site as well? :blink:


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i have like 50 boddies of hi5- i don't talk to anybody
they just added me cuz they saw me walking once or something like that o.O
and yeah i mean- is like a competition to say-- "check i posted a pic with my thong and i have 5454654 friends now"- idk whats the point-
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