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whats your veiw on Myspace? and why? and im curios does anyone have a myspace? if you do you dont have to share with us. but i do and it is suicide_kid89. so if you on you can look me up. hey im just bored.


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I have been told, by one who knows well, that myspace is ok as long as you have NO identifying info on it. Sexual predators are known to go to such places to find new victims. So be careful not to put pix or any other identifying information on your page. Also, watch what you put on it cause it's been known that employers and such look up things like that and can use it against you as they choose. So post wisely.

a word to the wise...

I have a MySpace but I never go on there anymore.. The facination of it has gone and now I find it very boring. The most interesting thing I found interesting was the messages sent from people, the surveys, they passed the time. I also go on the music sites on there but other than that I don't bother. I learnt a lot of HTML and CSS code from there though from adjusting my profile so much, so it wasn't all that bad I guess.

Least is right, though. I notice that so many people on there put personal information on there such as their age, school they go to, city, their friends, their local hangouts including photos of themselves and it an be dangerous.
I don't like myspace one bit, the name sounds to girly and talking with other peeps you don't know is weird.

I do remember a while back myspace was sued 30 million becuase a predator was able to get his hands on a girl. :sad:


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I want to talk about just not Myspace, but all other social networking sites like Facebook.com as well.

I understand completely how people like to post a lot of their private lives on these sites, such as their hometown, their favorite books, movies, color, etc. But I'm worried about all the stalkers that exist and that these sites are their wet dream.

I think these sites are great, even though I'm bascially completely non-social. :mellow:

I'd just like to see much more protection on them from predators and stalkers, although it may be next to impossible to do.


If the people who use myspace are smart, they'll adjust their profile so that only their friends can view it, that way nobody you don't want view it and thus acquires sensitive information. That's what I do. And I don't add people that I don't know. I love myspace!! It keeps me in touch with all of my friends that have went away to college or otherwise moved away. Its conforting in a way.
I only like myspace, because its a nice place to find some new bands to listen to. Always makes me happy, when I find a band who makes my taste of music.


The biggest loser ever to live.
Overall, I think its a great site really, too bad I'm just a COMPLETE FUCKING social retard, so it has little use for a loser like me. Sigh...........:dry: :sad: :sad: :sad:
Overall, I think its a great site really, too bad I'm just a COMPLETE FUCKING social retard, so it has little use for a loser like me. Sigh...........:dry: :sad: :sad: :sad:
Shall we form a club named The Complete Fucking Social Retard Club?
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