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I have one, but I think I'll take the old school informatio off it before I post it on here :tongue:
Most of you probably have already seen it anyway. Or at least the photos on it.


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"My" only "space" is my den with desk, books, stereo, and computer. I'm leery of MySpace as I've heard of people - mostly young kids - who've been stalked or otherwise harassed by others based on the info on their MpSpace page. Predators and other sickos go there to find potential victims. My girls have MySpace pages but aren't allowed to have any personal/identifying info on them. I don't know much about MySpace except what I've heard - both good and bad, so it's hard to form an opinion about it when I know so little.

Theres always gonna be a minority of sickos that use it for there own ends. The media, as usual, pump it for all its worth on slow news days, when there too lazy to go find real news.

If i had young girls, or boys, id let them create a page, but not provide address or phone number or anything. And no revealing pictures at all, apart from a head shot.
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