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Name 10 things about yourself

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This is something I just thought could be interesting, learn and get to know eachother. :smile:

I will start out.

1) I love animals.

2) I love taking pictures.

3) I have been working on my mental recovery 4 years.

4) I like making friends.

5) I love oriental food.

6) I love SF!!

7) I collect Crosses, Betty Boop, Harley Davidson things and Indian art.

8) I am usauly shy/quiet in person until I get to know people.

9) I isolate a lot.

10) I have a puddy tat, Emma girly :cat:
I love things like this :biggrin: Even though people probably don't want to know more about me :laugh:

1. I dislike my hair most days, because it is naturally wavy but in an all-over-the-place kind of way. Eugh. So I use L'Oreal Studio "Hot Straight" and that does help a lot, plus it smells REALLY NICE :biggrin:

2. I love 60s music, particualrly the Beach Boys, The Beatles, and The Hollies, as well as girlbands like the Shangri-Las and the Three Degrees :)

3. I read way too much and have over 500 books. Maybe over 600 by now.

4. I have the biggest jewellery collection of anyone I know, and it's all obsessively categorised - I have a drawer for rings, a drawer for earrings, and one that houses both necklaces and wrist things (bangles bracelets, watches). Then they're further broken down: in my earring drawer, to divide up my 150-odd pairs, they're divided by colour, and in the wrist-things drawer it's power beads, bangles, watches, bracelets...

5. I obsess very easily. Luckily the light switch thing has stopped at 19. But if I don't check the switches I do get panicky. Easier just to do it. Even if it makes people think you're crazy.

6. I talk a lot, so much so that a lot of people seem to think they know me a lot better than they do. They don't. I talk a lot of rubbish. No one knows *everything* - no one would want to get inside my head. It's not a nice place.

7. I love chat, but when I really need someone there usually isn't anyone there in the lobby. Perhaps that's a sign lol.

8. I don't know what I'd do without my phone. Especially lately.

9. I'm currently at a university in Glasgow, studying for a BA in Arts and Social Sciences, which means I'm taking English, History, Journalism & Creative Writing, Psychology and Sociology.

10. If you have me on MSN and you think I'm ignoring you, I'm not, please don't think that. I just hate talking to people first, because I'm terrified of bothering people who don't want to talk to me. So I leave it up to you. You won't be bothering ME, I promise.


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1. Am animal mad and always have been, in fact whole family are

2. I dearly love a laugh, as some of you may have noticed :rolleyes:

3. I love films, books and music and with all 3 I have very eclectic tastes.

4. My passion is to cook, but I tend to make people fat :blink:

5. I am very vain about my hair, but it's the only thing I'm vain about.

6. I used to be a very good artist, but have lost all interest in it and haven't drawn a thing in years. Took up the piano instead and can murderer Beethoven quite well :laugh:

7. I don't have loads of them, but when I make a friend they stay friends forever (can't shake the buggers off :laugh: )

8. I was a complete mess as a child, teenager and young adult, but 4 years of psychotherapy really sorted me out. Only here now cos heartbroken and needed people I could be honest with rather than over burden my friends.

9. Don't bite me, but I am a catholic and my religion is very very important to me, tho I very rarely feel I can even mention it. Was married to an atheist who took the piss non stop about it.

10. I could talk for Britain. If they make chatting an olympic event I'll bring home the gold :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
1) I HATE peas, though not with quite as much passion as i hate swede...*shivers*
2) I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with film
3) I love and hate writing at the same time...but if I didn't do it, I'd be screwed
4) I loooove prettiful earrings, probably have nearer 200 pairs now. I have 7 holes in my ears, though 3 have closed up :dry:
5) I play three instruments, albeit not well.
6) My jeans are currently falling to bits :sad:
7) I was always way ahead with reading and stuff, now I literally don't seem to be able to, which is odd :dry:
8) I have the poorest vocabulary of pretty much anyone I know
9) Family is pretty much the most important thing to me
10) I'm terrified of ladybirds and butterflies freak me out.

1. I love science fiction, particularly Farscape which is the best tv show on earth!

2. I love tea, but putting sugar in it is evil

3. I hate sweetcorn

4. I can actually sing quite well, despite how I sing on skype!

5. I'm scared of down escalators

6. I love Terry Pratchett books

7. The only thing I can cook is fry-ups

8. My hair is always a mess

9. Building computers is pretty much my only hobby, and I love it

10. I'm a Buddhist, but not a very good one!

the other guy

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1 - i'm a gorme chef, but havnt cooked real foor in years.
2 - i love my dog, just like most of u.
3 - i get bored very easily.
4 - as per #3, i watch a lot of new movies.
5 - i'm on the computer alot.
6 - i read a lot of truck and car mags.
7 - i need different music for each mode im in.
8 - i love to drive, but cant afford to go anywhere.
9 - it took near a year for doctors to start to find out what is wrong with my health.
10 - its hard to think of ten things - there done!
1 - I hate eating anything green :laugh:

2 - I got a collection on shot glasses, not that i use them :rolleyes:

3 - Love buying gadgets which i hardly use lol

4 - Spend my money on absolute crap

5 - When im in the mood i like to be artistic

6 - I'm extremely shy, some of ya will know that from skype lol

7 - I tend to laugh at ALOT of things

8 - I have a very bad language, swear way too much hehe

9 - I support Arsenal!!! :biggrin:

10 - I'm dreading my phone bill :sad: gosh hours on the phone to the netherlands, wonder how much its gonna be lol


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ARSENAL !!!!! Go go the GUNNERS :laugh:

and Mal...FARSCAPE ...LOVED IT !!!
Put sugar in my tea "I kill you" :laugh: :laugh:

Blueberry....never ever ever mention the word SWEDE again..spit yuck :puke:


Sorry this is gonna be a bit more depressing (more like lack of inventory), but I like (and appreciate) the idea of the thread ---- and it’s nice to read the others’ bits.

1) I used to like who I was;

2) I used to be VERY creative in any way imaginable, painting, drawing, making crafts – and way kewl ones – true (Like rainsticks, posters, quilts – ANYTHING …)

3) I used to LOVE cooking (could literally make ‘something’ out of nothing – I was that good)

4) I used to be alright with my body weight even though I’m heavy. Like “one-size” never fit all and didn’t NEED to!

5) I used to have a sense of humour to die for (not literally). Just lots of endorphins! Sarcasm, irony, wacky, off-the-wall, outside the box – I made people laugh, and I could smile at most anything

6) I used to love (love, Love, LOVE) music (it was *sacred and mystical*), playing the keyboard and listening to *anything* expect Country (no offense I hope). Since my increasing illness (depression and PTSD) I have Chronic “SSIB” – song stuck in brain – like my head’s been hijacked by the radio station from hell. Auditory Hallucinations suck…

7) Age NEVER mattered to me. Now I’m TERRIFIED of getting old. I’ve seen WAY too many things that can go wrong …I have “caregiver burnout” from my VERY high-maintenance elderly mom (oh Gawd…) and too many tragedies

8) I used to have a great spiritual faith and belief in ‘a reason for everything’. I’m too tired from too many lessons nowadays. I find everything meaningless now, though I remember how great my power to “make Lemonade” once was.

9) I used to enjoy people, was utterly fascinated! Connections, contact. Soul to soul n’ all that. Now I’m afraid of what they need, what they’ll take, when I have nothing left. I have a great fear that indeed I have nothing left, but….

10) I write. I don’t get paid, but I write. Someone called me a spokesperson for Depression in my poetry. That’s a helluva thing to put on my resume when I’ve been out of OTHER work for so long. Being a square peg in a round-hole world used to give me a different perspective. It no longer feels useful… I’m so sad.

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I can see where this is different from the ten confessions. These are ten nice things. Good, the pressure's off.

1) I love movies. I see them so many times that I can not only quote dialog but do the voice and inflection of the actor. In the days before VCRs, my family would say, "Do the blind man scene from 'Young Frankenstein'", and I would do it.

2) I've written 15 screenplays, 2 novels, 4 plays and a shitload of comedy sketches.

3) I'm a record collector (mostly 60's music and comedy) and still have 2 working turntables.

4) I love to read. Either the classics or horror novels.

5) I'm an amatuer webpage designer. I recently designed a site for myself and my writing partner. If I get the site up soon, I'll give you all the address so you can check it out (and see what I look like).

6) I've had three jobs since I moved to L.A. eight years ago. All three of my bosses had bi-polar tendencies. How do I find these people?

7) I love everything English and would love to go there someday. (See my post under the "Tea" thread.)

8) Whenever I decide that I like a music group or a writer or a film director, I feel compelled to seek out everything that they've done and learn everything about them.

9) I think the "Yenny" comic strip on UComics is cute and I read it everyday.

10) I've been playing guitar for 19 years... boy are my fingers tired.


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"I love everything English and would love to go there someday. (See my post under the "Tea" thread.)"

Im English :bunny: :rolleyes: :laugh:
1) I'm a smoker.

2) I like photography..

3) I like learning about different cultures.

4) I like music.. classic rock, hard rock, oldies, pop, a couple country songs, gospel.

5) Most of my close friends live in different countries.

6) I like decorating lol

7) I use to be a vegitarian.

8) I feel guilty about eating meat.

9) I try to forgive and be closer with my mother and others, but it's just not working well.

10) I would have several pets if I owned my own house lol
1. Music is my life
2. Ditto writing and reading
3. I dont usually let people help me
4. Despite my efforts, I'm underweight and as tall as a tree stump lol
5. After a while people usually give up trying to figure me out because its way too hard
6. I love how different languages sound
7. I can sing pretty good... but I let people think I cant
8. I'm shy/quiet in real life
9. I absolutely HATE the colour pink
10. I hate wearing makeup
1) I dislike myself

2) I feel like giving up

3) I don't matter to anyone

4) I have a great fear of living

5) I have seen Kurt's website

6) I haven't cut in 2 weeks

7) I only smoked 1 fag today

8) I was very confused the first time someone said they would brb had to smoke a fag lol :laugh:

9) I have a Emma girlies

10) I fear everyone here would forget about me in less than a month after I disappeared, if I did.


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1 - Im a girl
2 - I live in a house
3 - I cut tonight
4 - I LOVE my dressing gown
5 - I am a young teenager, and hate the fact that everyone I know is older than me
6 - Im not a virgin.. I was 12.. and in love.. yeh shut up, i was..
7 - I wish my lip balm was here in my hand not in my room
8 - Im going to my friends piss-up tomorrow night
9 - Im tired.. but cant be bothered going to bed
10 - I find it impossible to stay away from SF..
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