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Name me one(or more) thing that is important in your life!

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I would like to know what is it that keeps you living tomorrow!

It really can be anything, no one will judge you, so just go ahead and post :)

In my case there is:

-Music (learning the violin)
-My little cousin, who gave me once again, a craving for life...
-And recently! The adventurous and uncommon path i've chosen!

Best of all,
the path i've chosen in my life,
Is filled with so many uncertainty,
that i don't even know if it is the right one,
but at least i'll be happy enough to know,
that only i,
did choose this path,
so that tomorrow,
i may feel alive!

OK SORRY I AM not sober, but i wanted to share with this community :)


Finao :)


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Unfortunately, I can't think of anything right now. I guess the hope that things are going to improve keeps me going :) I'm trying not to give up but it's hard..
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Purpose. At some point I lost it. That's why I'm here.
yeah i understand this.. i was just thinking one of my reasons for living is just to care about others. and maybe stay alive ... well i was going to say in case i find someone who would otherwise have no reason to live if it werent for me. but maybe i have already found that person. or she has found me.

or maybe there are others who i can make a difference for. in fact i know there are but sometimes the pain is just so unbearably intense i dont think of all that. as u wouldnt if u were on fire. u just want to put the fire out.

im glad that places like this exist on the net.

i feel bad for all the pple who killed themselves because they felt so alone, so misunderstood, misperceived


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Lady Gaga and my mom. Sounds so utterly typical, but both of these women really are my saviors and heroes. Sometimes, I feel like when my mom can't truly support me all the time, Gaga makes up for it. I listen to her music and I feel better. Sometimes, I imagine that I am only living because I haven't met her yet...and well, my mom I usually can't imagine hurting her with my death.
Purpose. At some point I lost it. That's why I'm here.
I hope that you, and all those who are constantly soul searching , examining, and philosophizing through the havocs and injustices that this life and world imposes on us, find the very first one of many my friend :) That is the first step to change our way of thinking for the better imho.

can't believe i forgot those two!!

This really makes me happy to see all your responses :) thx all

:mushroom: i give this to anyone who wants it ;)
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