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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by ShoegazeDaydream, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. ShoegazeDaydream

    ShoegazeDaydream ~Kid at Heart~

    It can be anything: a hobby, anime, a particular song, book, film, band, food. I'm sure you get the get the picture. :)

    I'll go first: I'm very passionate about Spider-Man. I'm a big Spider-Man fan. I've seen all the different versions of the Spider-Man movies in the theater. My favorite I would say was The Amazing Spider-Man. I loved Andrew Garfield's acting and I loved Emma Stone. I read the comics when I was little. However now I have no clue where they are. They were passed down to me and given to me by my family members cause they read them. So I started reading them one by one by the tree and drank apple juice while eating pretzels. My brother loves the Hawk. I'm also fan of Batman, X-men, but Spider-Man is my absolute favorite. I've watched a lot of super hero cartoons growing up and I still continue to watch them to bring a smile on my face. Spider-man gives me a lot of hope in this world and makes me very happy. Andrew's acting as Spider-Man was phenomenal in my opinion. I own all Spider-Man movies on DVD. :) I'll post this scene up, cause I don't want to post any sad scenes: I want to make people smile. <3 This is a rather funny scene from The Amazing Spider-Man.

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  2. silent_chaos

    silent_chaos Well-Known Member

    I completely LOVE my bird of 16 years.
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  3. MisterBGone

    MisterBGone Well-Known Member

    Tennis, swimming, guitar & singing; David Lynch--especially twin peaks (but that's only because that's what's next), dostoyevsky & bubblegum ice cream. . . . . .
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  4. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    My dog. Chocolate. Pizza. Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. :) Technology.
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  5. Flying Fox

    Flying Fox SF Supporter

    I love David Attenborough, wildlife and natural documentaries.

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