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    Just something I came up with in the space of typing this post, nothing special, just a little of what's in my head at the minute. I do love it when thoughts and feelings can flow out of your head and shape themselves into a poem in this way, but unfortunately I can't guaruntee it's going to make sense, either in what it's trying to say or grammatically. And yes, I am very tired, so apologies in advance for any typos/spelling mistakes etc that I may make in this post.

    You’re the love of my life, my pain and my strife.
    You knew me so well, had no clue why I fell.
    I loved you to death and till death do us part,
    But that’s in the past, you’ve broken my heart.

    Don’t know why you left; don’t know why I stayed,
    But that’s how it is and I guess it’s that way
    Because I loved you, you said that you’d try,
    But that’s not the case now, why else would I die?

    So full of regrets and promises lost,
    You walk away sadly yet I pay the cost
    Of being pushed away, yet held so close,
    Another day, another dose.

    So stop with the games, you’re playing yourself.
    All this deceiving, it’s bad for your health,
    You care about you, if you care about me,
    You won’t let me go, but let me be free.

    Thanks for reading, again sorry if it is somewhat lacking. Someday I'll post one of my good pieces of poetry, I'm just not a fan of facing rejection on something as personal as a poem >_<
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    awesome poem, i love it!!
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