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  1. Dance4Life

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    This is a poem I wrote for my nan's funeral. They put it on the back of the memorial cards.

    I can't describe
    How much you mean to me,
    You had a special strength in you
    That anyone could see.

    You held me in the bad times
    And warmed us with your smiles,
    You kept the light in darkness
    Stood strong through all life's trials.

    Full of love and kindness
    Always there to help,
    You always thought of others
    And never of yourself.

    I have you here inside me
    Always with me in my heart,
    Although not here in body
    In love we are never apart.

    So many people miss you
    So many tears are shed,
    But I'll see you in my memories
    And talk to you there instead

    Everyone around me
    Feels like falling apart,
    But it's you who is making them strong
    The piece of you in our heart.

    We'll miss you every second
    Every minute of every day,
    We know you're here beside us
    And love you more than words can say.

    love you nan xx
  2. Petal

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    Beautiful poem :hug:
  3. Dance4Life

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    Thank you xx
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