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    Yay self-diagnosis time. The past week, I've been tired, no matter how much I sleep. I am tired alot, to be sure, but rarely this much. Anyway, I started my day by waking up. A dozen times. Waaay before I needed to get up, and before I usually awake. I can hardly remember my dream(s), but I remember I got a rune, which drained all my strength away- I couldn't even crawl. Thus I know I was partially awake/aware, and had sleep paralysis. Well, I get up, grab a slice of bread, and hop off to school, as usual. After the first class, I began to feel even more tired, and my legs and left arm got weak. Third class, I couldn't keep my head up, and my arms were dead. Once I was informed that, since I didn't do the first assignment, it'd be written down that I wasn't in the class, I left for home. It took me 2 times longer than it does, and it was quite tempting to simply stop and sleep. I figured that I just needed food, since I hadn't eaten for a while, which is due to me having a raid last night, and so skipped dinner, and I eat very little during the day. Anyway, I come home, eat, and google "sleep paralysis persist through day". I found some wikipedia articles.
    Lovely. So, I checked on Cataplexy.
    Hooray self-diagnosis.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have a nap or 5.