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    I can't talk to her legally so I'll change my phrasing.

    I recently lied to a group of "blue" personalities that are pissed at me. Their judgement was harsh, they were very unforgiving. One of them is being nicer to me but the other one, he's fuckin pissed.

    I apologize, I say I'm sorry, but they won't forgive. I know why they're angry but I genuinely feel sorry.

    I've realized my retribution.. my tongue was so very harsh. SOrry Natalie :(

    I hope you can forgive me some day :(
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    Vague post...seeks a vague response.
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  4. SadDude1980

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    I'll clarify then.

    I was on webcam with someone from the UK I thought I could trust, and faked my own suicide and at the time those who weren present were pissed. I'm never speaking to that thing from the UK again. Clarified enough for ya? :) Little freak that she is.
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    You faked your own suicide on webcam? :blink:

    In fairness, if someone did that to me, and it turned out they were ok, I think I'd be a bit off with them..
  6. Ruby

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    Almost as freaky as someone who'd fake their own suicide..

  7. Joe. It seems that you understand how I feel about what happened. I was one of the people whom Ken lied to. Although, I have forgiven him since then.

    Ken, how is she a "little freak" "thing"? It seems rude of you to call her names like that. Besides, she cares about you and so do other people care about you too. Please try to respect that.
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    :eek:hmy: Umm, I don't really know what to say, though I tend to think I'd be like what Joe expressed. :unsure::huh:

  9. Remember that D**w guy who we dealt with early 2007, Carolyn?
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    Er... you faked your own suicide? For what? Attention? Er.. don't work like that, love. You have probably upset a lot of people by doing that, and for what? A "Laugh"? I don't think so, cause that aint funny. They have every right to not speak to you.

  11. He upset me very much by what he did, and I'm upset about him continuing to hurt my friends.
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    This post should not have even mentioned how "they won't forgive you". If you truly want their forgiveness this should have been nothing but a humungous apology. But it kind of turned into a 'poor you, they won't forgive you'.

    If I was a victim of that, this post would have only made me more p.o.ed. No sympathy.