Natural solutions for anxiety?

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    Does anybody know any natural solutions to deal with anxiety? I have no anxiety meds and my smoking is getting a little carried away because of it. I need to cut back but the only way I can do that is if I find a different way to deal with anxiety.
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    While I don't know about general anxiety, the cure for social anxiety is putting yourself into the situations that make you anxious, and stay there for a while.

    I used to hate being around people, so I got a job at the supermarket which involved being on the main floor. It was tough for a while, but I adapted, and within a month I was working in public with no problems. Basically, whatever places and situations you get anxious in, you have to put yourself in, and stay long enough for your anxiety to weaken, even by just a little bit. Do this repeatedly, and your anxiety will lessen, until it's gone.

    This will probably work with general anxiety too now that I think about it, doing the things you get anxious doing. You get used to it, and you don't feel as anxious because the situation is more familiar.
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    i was diagnoised with diabetes last month, great something else to go with the suicidal feelings and insomnia. but it has made me focus on and change my diet. before id eat pretty much what and as much as i wanted.
    im reading a book which says a vegan diet is especially good for diabetes and as well as helping the diabetes my diet has helped me mentally.
    i suggest trying a vegan diet and it will bring back your lost energy and also more confidence so you will feel less anxious. i too get very anxious especially around people but since changing my diet ive started working again and feel i can deal with crouded places. GOD ID LOVE A HUGE STEAK NOW THOUGH!!!!
    anyway i had to change my diet, so it may be a little harder for you, but the early results for me have been very possitive!!!
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    I do try the meditation thing and I do force myself to out in public and what not. As for the Vegan thing. I'm already a vegetarian however I would not be able to switch to vegan since I love Cheese way too much.
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    My Doctor has told me time and time (and time!) again to get as much exercise as I can. He says it's a good place for me to put all of my frustrations, my anxiety, my depression, everything. I've only been doing it properly for a week but I have to admit I feel better already.
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    What kind of anxiety do you experience?

    Because in my case now, I get bad flashbacks so I can't manage it too well because it's fast, and everything I have to do has to be spot on and fast acting- it's worked so far.

    In the past, when it's not as acute/severe, what helped me - in terms of anxiety/depression/flashbacks/mania etc was sleep, exercise and good grounding methods. If I need to sleep for 2 days and stay in, I'll do it. If I feel like I need to run in addition to all the walking I do, I'll do it, but make sure I eat properly. If I am hungry and my appetite's increased I'll make sure I have a lot of nutritious food to prepare and eat. Also paying attention to my feet/body in relation to the environment; when I walk, paying attention to how the soles of my feet feel and the different textures of ground. Going on a bike and skating helped me calm myself and I did those things many years back without making conscious decisions.

    What didn't help me in the past was letting things spiral- not eating properly, not sleeping, generally, not listening to my body and my mind and doing everything in a state where I'm pretty much blindly running around in a state of frozen jittery panic.

    I just wanted to add a good diet with lots of fresh fruit/veg helps so much, as well as water. I'm not joking, when I don't eat well for a few days I get so tired and that tiredness leads on to dissociation/anxiety.
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    I go for a super long walk and take deep breaths. When my thoughts stray to anxious ones I count by 2's or 3's to drive anxiety away. Trying to focus on the counting helps keep the lying negative thoughts out of my head. This helps me a lot but I need to focus hard because the negative experiences keep popping back up in my head. 'Hope this helps. :heart:

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    As previously mentioned meditation and exercise. I try to diffuse cases of immediate and acute anxiety by just using an "inner voice" and repeating something like, "it is all okay and I am in control over my anxiety".

    I have a terrible case of generalized anxiety disorder and I never found lasting relief from benzodiazepines or even moderate alcohol. Unfortunately, I never found relief beyond the placebo effect from natural supplements like kava kava, chamomile or valerian root.
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    Thanks guys. I'm going to have to try all this out and see what works best for me. I also bought some calming tea so I'm going to see if it helps at all. Its tea that actually is supposed to help with anxiety.
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    I heard bannanas are good. But I haven't tried it, because of my ED :(
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    that might sound weird, but when I burn sage (to cleanse the house) I feel more my anxiousness goes away for a while...