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Near-death experiences. Do they work?

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They say that death is something we all experience alone. And that it's something we are don't really know how to face, since we've never gone through it before.

Near-death experiences often have this clarifying effect on someone, often making the person appreciate their life better and gain a different perspective and attitude on life.

Has this happened (or not happened) to anyone who's had a near-death experience here? (doesn't have to be a suicide attempt.)


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There are some who feel like they "got it out of their system" when they make a serious, near-lethal suicide attempt, and they experience a kind of catharsis, and no longer feel suicidal. They feel like they cheated death, and feel a renewed vigor. Not everyone's like that, but it's an interesting phenomenon.

Others, in the context of suicide attempts, just feel more depressed, and try again later with a method that has a better chance of succeeding.

As a side note, it's been pretty much confirmed that the "life flashing before your eyes" thing is a myth. One woman, who came extremely close to dying and saw her almost assured death approaching in its final seconds, claimed that she did not experience that phenomenon; rather, she claimed to have been thinking about nothing, that her mind was just blank the entire time. But it should be noted that she was attempting suicide by jumping off a tall building, so naturally her mind would be constricted as she acted only on a need to die. It may be different for someone who isn't suicidal.
I was in a coma, and was apparently clinically dead for just a few seconds, and the scariest thing about it all was, no bright light, no near death experience, no angels or singing, no light, no tunnels, no clouds, no nothing, not even as much as fire and brimstone, just.. nothingness. From the moment I took the overdose, to the moment I woke up a week later, it was like I didn't even exist, just.. it's hard to explain.. nothingness.

Now I hate life even more than before


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It happened to me, it was planned error proof, setup in a chain reaction way, one after another, survival chances of 0%.

And still I survived, I couldn't believe it, the doctors couldn't put it together, there was no medical or physical explanation for me to be alive, they all called it a miracle, the psychiatrist called it epiphany, priests and pastors came to see me and they all believed it was a true miracle.

At first I thought I was dead, everything was dark and I was asking God to show me the light to follow, there was nothing, I was unconscious, could feel being burned and not feeling pain, heard people around me, for 8 hours couldnt come back and couldn't figure out why, not even with the MRIs, didn't open my eyes or talked, I do remember seeing inside the ambulance and inside the surgery room, as time goes by, I wonder if I was pretending or if I was in coma or if I was outside of my body, because it doesn't make sense, I kept asking God to take me with him, one thing happened after another and just wouldn't die.

I came back and understood that I was not let die by God, for whatever reason, ever since I love life more than anybody will ever love life, I feel as if I am on overtime, trying to give my best; after that I don't get angry, sad, stress free, zero deression. Anyway, I hope to give hope to those who are hopeless, things do get better and i realized attempting was not an option....

Praying for all of you.


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I once asked my spiritual teacher if I would have a near death expereince and be able to heal because of it. He said no. This would not be the way for me.

Here is what I think. I think that there are some souls whose plan it may be to be helped to not really exit. Because it is not their time to do that. And somehow there is sort of divine intervention to try to get the soul to go back to the human form they have been in. BUT thats just for some people.

I think that for others, if they try to commit suicide, it is a very different expereince. Everything from success, to permenant damage to the body but still being alive, to just a failed attempt. With no story to tell about it. No NDE / healing. I say this only because, I would not want anyone attempting to take their life in hopes of having a NDE. And then find out thats not what heppened. I sure do wish that would be the case for me. But I think my spiritual teacher probably knows what he is talking about. I hope each of us finds healing and relief while still being here. :rose::rose:
The first time i attempted i had an 'epiphany' or whatever you would like to call it. I was extremely suicidal, attempted, survived and i was so appreciative that i was alive.
Then it all repeated, so i don't really know.
Hi, This is my first time posting here, so nice to meet everyone. My name is Addison.

I just got out of the psych ward yesterday (nice introduction, I know). I attempted suicide on May 13, Friday the 13th, wouldn't you know. It was my 6th attempt, I think - I'm loosing count. Apparently I suck at death as much as life. I overdosed on a lot of medication. I thought it was full proof. I truly did. Now I'm not so sure that I took as much as they were saying because I can only remember swallowing a few and 13 pills were found in my bed (out of 50 or 60 -- we weren't sure). My husband didn't even know I did it and I went to bed right afterward. He said I had a conversation with him about not wanting dinner and possibly took more then. I then slept all night and when he couldn't wake me in the morning, he called 911.

I remember the paramedics asking if I was attempting to hurt myself and I said yes. I remember brief moments in the ambulance...don't remember getting to the ER, but once I was in the ER, I was awake enough to drink charcoal. I hallucinated spiders.

I went back to sleep and had some sort of 'experience' or dream. I did not flat line, so I don't know if it was just chemicals in my brain, a really wild hallucination or what. I did not have an 'out of body' experience where I peered into the room where I was, but I did see a swirling black, red, and pink tunnel with a light at the end. It was tiny and not exceptionally attracting me to it. It was somewhat dim. I had the impression that I was under the tunnel, looking up, and almost a sinking sensation as if I was falling into darkness.

I believe in God. I pray. I have even watched near death experiences on youtube (which could explain the craziness of my experience and mean it was a dream). A fundamentalist christian told me I was going to hell. It was unnerving, though, so maybe she is right. I remembered it the second I woke up. The nature of my experience was not really horrible, but it wasn't a peaceful, all accepting love either. Now I'm not sure what happened. I do know my life is worse now than before it ever happened.
I tried to hang myself when I was 12. The best way I could describe it was close to a drug induced hallucination. I phased in and out of these little 'dreams' and all I could hear was warped voices and this childish laughter and it just faded until the 'nothingness' set in.
I really don't believe in this near-death experience having any meaning. Some see something, others don't. I don't see this meaning anything. There might be nothing there after life. There might be an after-life. I do believe it doesn't end with death. The only way to truely find out though is when you actually die, not when you almost died or think you almost died. Just what I think.


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I've tried suicide three times.. Failed each time..The first one I almost made it.. I didn't see anything.. I could only feel myself floating..The other two attempts were OD's and all that happened was I slept for two days..No one even checked on me to see if I was o.k.
Near death experiences apparently don't happen for everybody dying for whatever reason. However, the phenomenon is interesting enough to have several ongoing scientific studies centered around it, some of these carried out by medical doctors under scientific scrutiny.

One thing - it appears you have to be clinically dead. Not close to death, deeply unconscious or anything else but clinically dead.


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I was dead for three minutes, and there was no bright light or singing. Just darkness. And the feeling of floating that someone else described.


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After my 2nd attempt, I looked at everything in a new light. Everything seemed 'brighter' and I regretted my actions. But unfortunately that didn't last long. A few days at the most i'm afraid.

But the only thing I remember, was when I was hanging, I accepted death, I felt at ease,happy. I felt relieved.


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tough one, last time i tried i was resuscitated but it was just all black for me,,, no light, no nothing. its left me hollow and scared of death


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My mother had a heart attack and died when she was in the hospital
they revived her
she was so mad at them because she said she was having the most peaceful dream and they should have left her alone
she wouldn't tell me what the dream was.. .guess she thought it would upset me
she died a week later with instructions 'do not revive''
It's really hard for me to say if God exist or not. I got good reasons to say he doesn't. But, the one thing that kinda holds me on is the idea that death is suppose to be like sleep. The dead are unaware. When you die, you won't be in God's hands automatically. Well, if you die, and wake up before then. But, if you die and don't wake up, you wake up in God's hands. But, it's something I'm totally unsure of just for the fact of not even believing in God so much. I wish he answer the skeptic prayer lol. Other than that, the best way to find out what happens after death is to...die.and stay dead. Until, either something happens, or nothing. I most likely rather have something... This whol idea has caused my butt some panic over the passed year.
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