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Near Death Experiences

Hi friends...so my friend said she just watched a You Tube video on near death experiences of those who attempted suicide. Said the person reported going to a horribly, hot, awful place where there were people telling her to go back, etc.
To anyone who has attempted, was this your experience? One thing that keeps me from doing anything is my fear of hell....so whether my friend (who knows I feel this way) was just telling me this, I do not know. I did not watch the video she referred to .... afraid I guess. Thanks....by the way....you are all wonderful, kind people. I appreciate your never ending support. Wish I could provide support to others. Perhaps someday I will.


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It is possible that the video was real. But I am sure she didn't tell all about it. Usually those with great fear of hell have those kind of experiences, but when they ask for help it is always given. This is a link to many suicide NDEs, they are what usually happens. It is quiet different.


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I think this comes down to your beliefs. They will influence your experiences, especially those related to how your brain responds. Also, if a person does have an NDE, they'll probably share it. If they don't, they have nothing to share.
All my opinion only, no one has to share it.

Regardless... as much as I wish you didn't fear hell because I don't believe you deserve it (nor the fear itself, nor going to hell), I'm a bit glad that it keeps you from suicide, because most importantly, you deserve life, and that, you are sure to have.

I'm happy that you get some support from us and that you're willing to offer it as well. Feel free to do so only when you can and the way that suits you best. Take care of yourself first. ♡


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I almost died twice when I was in the psychiatric hospital. Both attempts (different methods) never gave me any near death experiences. When I was in ICU I don't remember anything.


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I almost died twice when I was in the psychiatric hospital. Both attempts (different methods) never gave me any near death experiences. When I was in ICU I don't remember anything.
It is unknown why some have the experience and others do not. In a typical experience the heart stops for a few minutes and the patient has to be resuscitated. But there have been cases where a person who is deeply relaxed and comfortable have found themselves outside of their body. Very seldom is any fear associated with the experience.

The most classic experience is Pam Reynolds, whom was clinically dead for an hour during brain surgery. When she was returned to life was able to tell the surgical team what had happened during her surgery right down to the nurse that accidentally knocked over a stool during the time she was clinically dead. The surgeon later went public and lectured on Near Death Experiences.

Several years ago Near Death Experiences were routinely taught to suicidal patients with a little more than 40% not attempting suicide again after reading them. This practice was stopped by the scientific community as being unscientific.

I believe we are much more than a body, and the brain is only an interface between our spirit and our body. Science is just now beginning to think there is something more than the brain in control.

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