Near-death Experinces *RELIGIOUS*

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I don't fully believe in Heaven or Hell. I believe in Jesus as God. I believe people who experince this it's similar to having a dream. They're "dreaming" of going to Heaven, or "scared" of going to Hell. So, I believe the following should be discussed.
  • What causes the dreaming state of near death experinces?
  • Is there really a Heaven or Hell?
  • Is it even wise to trust someone who is almost dead?
  • Is you're afterlife the same as evey one else's, pre-determined, self-determined, or judged?


I know this thread is old and is an example of a near death experience itself.
What causes the visions, lights etc of a NDE ? Ketamine. Look it up on the www.

By the way, people who have experienced these NDE's can only be classified as having been "clinically" dead, which at the most would only be a threshold status of "death" and they were not strictly beyond the point of medical resucitation.

Show me a verifiable case of someone coming back from the condition of "biological" death, ie, rigormortis, putrification, etc. Now that would defy
logic, nature and physics...and would certainly be much more impressive that
any NDE.
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