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Hey im 15, im from london. Well basically, over the past few years i've been bullied.. its not like theres something wrong with me, its just that i was friends with someone that these group of people hate.. and then they started beating me up everyday and taking the piss every single day just to act big and for a "reputation" . Furthermore i have lost nearly all my friends over the last few years, im always stressed, and im always arguing with my parents and they end up blaming me for shit i have nothing to do with. I mean they say i msut have done something to provoke an attack, when i have done nothing what so ever.
Its like i have nothing left, i always feel depressed, ive lost most of my real life friends, I get beaten up at school.. and i have nothing to live for anymore.. Its like i wake up in the morning and i dont look forwarrd to a "tommorow"
Its like walking up the stairs and doing small chores takes up every bit of my energy, my heads always aching and im always feeling drowsy.
I have turned to drugs, and have been using drugs for quiet a while now.. but nothing seems to be helping.. I think im nearing the end.. And i feel i have the courage to finally take my life and leave this place i call hell.


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HI and welcome. so glad you decided to post about this...This is awful...have you spoken to any adults either in your family or affiliated with the school about what is going on? No one deserves to be treated this way; please enlist adults to help you feel whole again and to put an end to this...welcome again, J


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My son was bullied, can't believe your parents arent taking this seriously :ohmy:
Get mum at a moment when she's not busy or distracted and quietly tell her again.
Bullying is not to be tolerated, I went up and down to the school when this was happening to my son and made them take notice.
Stop the drugs hun, thats a road you really dont want to go down and will just add more problems, anyway why let the bullies win?
Please keep posting and if parents wont take the bullying seriously, go to a teacher you trust and tell them.


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I think it would be a good idea to sit down with your parents and give them this story that you just shared with us, the thoughts of suicide and all. They need to understand how upset you are, to help you. If your parents love you, they aren't going to want to see something like that happen to you, and they will try to help. At least before you decide to give up, give it a try??
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