Nearly 11 months and so tired of this.

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    3 weeks from now is the 1 year anniversary of breaking up with my ex--the 11 month anniversary of finding out 1 month later that the entire 8 year relationship had been a lie, that she had been with another man for who knows how long, that everything she had ever said to me had been a lie.

    I have, amazingly, survived, though I came so close to ending it so many times last year. But I am so tired of still thinking about her every day, how angry I am at these people who stole 8 years of my life, these people who will never face justice of any kind for what they did to me.

    I know they are beneath my contempt. I know I can do nothing except control my own behaviour, and never treat anyone else this way, even though I will never again trust another human being, and will always expect to be cheated on in any relationship I have in the future. I know that the only power I have over the situation comes from never contacting her or her associates again, never responding to any of her emails.

    Still, I am so tired, so weary of this. I was completely destroyed as a human being, and I have only really begun to reconstruct myself. I just want this poison out of my veins.
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    Hi hun i am glad you have survived hun I know you are tired and you have been betrayed but know hun there are good people out there so dont shut everyone out okay You take it slow though and you heal you from such a blow first Time to move on right delete everything about her burn it throw it away and you move on and find someone worthy of your care hugs