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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Marshmallow, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    I don't even know why i'm really writing this ... i guess for some advice really.

    So basically i've got my toothache back again and i know everyones gonna tell me to go to the dentist but i absolutely hate them, besides it will take me at least a week to see my dentist and then they will send me to the hospital and that will take up to at least a month to get an appointment. So basically i'm stuck with it until i get the courage to go get an appointment.

    Bit of background info ...

    So a few years ago i got addicted to pain killers, i would take them daily as a way of 'numbing' the emotional pain i felt at the time. This went on for a few months. I then took an OD of different but powerful pain killers which landed me in hospital, which resulted in me having to drink charcol.

    Ever since all that i've had trouble taking pain killers. When i take pain killers or drink alcohol i get a rather bad pain in my stomach. I have no clue whether these pains are related to my past in abusing pain killers. I try not to take pain killers when i can because i think i'm liable to fall back into old habbits and tbh i've had to monitor myself the last few days. I can seem myself slipping slowly but i'm trying my damn hardest to control the old urges and so far it's working.

    I'm taking pain killers when the toothache starts to surface which seems to be every few hours.

    The last few days i've been feeling pretty ill which i'm putting down to the pain killers, its at the point where i want to make myself sick just to get the feeling of going to be sick out of the way. The sickness feeling can actually keep me awake at times. I'm getting pains in my stomach and feeling rather faint, aswell as getting the shakes and feeling rather cold when it's absolutely boiling. I just got out of the shower and i felt like i was gonna colapse a few time's.

    I can't cut down on the amount i'm taking as i will be in pure agony but it is the reccomended dosage each time when i absolutely can't bare the pain.

    I guess my question is could the faintness, shakes and pains be down to me taking the pain killers after so long without taking them? or my body giving me signs or rejecting them in some way because of my past?

    Or any suggestions on how to deal with going to the dentist when you absolutely loath them?

    And before anyone suggests it bonjela never helps and clove oils makes me wants to rip my jaw off because it tastes so damn vile lol

    So any suggestions? Apart from the obvious 'go to the dentist' >.<
  2. Advent

    Advent Well-Known Member

    When i was young my mum always had me swill with salty water.

    Since you posted about this , I searched and actually found that this IS a well known temp cure.

    I copied this from a website, its the same thing my mum used to give me.

    Use salt water
    Mix 1 teaspoon of salt in a glassful of very warm water and swish a mouthful of the solution around and between your teeth, spit it out, and repeat until you have used up all the water in the glass. This may reduce the pain for some hours, but if it doesn't try the procedure again.

    Hope you get some relief as I know what that pain is like.


    PS, also found this site dunno what you have tried before?
  3. Celebrated Thing

    Celebrated Thing Well-Known Member

    You might be right about your body rejecting them, pills go throughout your whole body and where it might be helping one part, another part of your body could be freaking out from them. Try to gradually stop taking them, withdrawel can be really hard, so do it little by little. I really recomend to stop taking those meds if they make you feel that bad on them.

    As for the tooth pain, see if you are able to try anbesol. I dont know if it reacts with any meds or not. It is a liquid and numbs your mouth, I used it back when I had braces. It worked really well for me, and maybe it will work well enough you wont need any meds or take less of them for the pain.
    Hope it helps, good luck and hope the pain goes away or at least gets better.
  4. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Wish I had better suggestions hun. Just went about a month with two molars that needed to be pulled and they went absest. Talking real make you want to puke pain. The teeth were infecting my sinuses and facial muscles. My dentist (and I hate them too stems from an incident in childhood so deep rooted) prescribed some antibiotics and some pain killers with coidene. But he said to take Advil during the day as it would be just as effective as the pain killers. They did work somewhat but I had to take them more often then was suggested. I also found laying on a warmed towel helped too. Not for very long but atleast enough to numb it for a bit. Also instead of clove oil try gently biting down on a whole clove. Doesnt taste as bad. Either than that need to say the obvious go see your retched dentist and get it over with. Your tooth isnt going to get any better and you dont want it to go absest. I finally did and it really wasnt as bad as it used to be. Good luck hun.
  5. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member

    GO TO A DENTIST. It's serious and it can make you loss more than just one or two teeth. GO TO A DENTIST. I hate them too, I know they are disgusting people who enjoy making you suffer. But there is nothing but them.
  6. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    Hi Vikki.

    I"m terrified of the dentist too :( Sadly its best to just face the beast. If you leave the tooth alone then either a: in a couple weeks you'll kill the tooth, or b. you'll kill the tooth and the dead tissue will infect your jaw and sinus passage. The good news is that you aren't alone in being terrified of the dentist and many dentists build their reputation on being caring and going slow with people like us. In America you can call a referral service like 1800 Dentist, they can provide you with numbers of sympathetic doctors.

    Like a therapist, be sure to interview potential dentists. IF you're frightened of them, then be sure that the would-be dentist is fully cognizant and empathetic to your fears. Stick to your guns. You may need to see the dentist but you dont' have to see any dentist.


  7. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Two words...CLOVE OIL. Go to the chemist and buy some pure clove oil(I'm pretty sure it's sold in all chemists, and its not expensive either). You just rub it around the gum of the tooth that is aching you and it should completely numb the it.I've always used it when I couldn't get a dentist appt soon enough.It works wonders.

    As for going to the dentist,I think you should ask your doctor for a small amount of sedatives to take before going(valium,xanax). That should relax you enough :)

    I hope you feel better soon :)
  8. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    You really need to bite the bullet and go to the dentist.. If infection sets in you will really be in a world of hurt..I had a friend with bad teeth and he used to take cotton balls and soak them in whiskey and the apply them to the tooth..I have never tried it because I am not afraid of the dentist.. Mine cators to whimps, he numbs you up big time..
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