Need a career change..

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    i don't even know if I should say career.. i rarely hold onto jobs for more than a year.. i always quit too early.. Really disappointed with life right now. I want to do a game testing job but there just aren't any around me. I'm thinking I'll try to get into video game journalism but I'm afraid i don't have the proper degree or knowledge for that... even then, its hard to find work like that here.. really sad with life now.. can't stand working my current 9-5. its no life at all. sad. sad don't know what to do anymore.
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    What do you do at the moment? Im a qualified electrician and live in the uk and even i cant find work so if i was you i wouldnt quit your job, your in a good position, your employed
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    Don't know much about gaming but I guess a lot of the basic coding will go the way of cartoons and be done overseas. Game testing would likely entail being familiar with the various codes used for games. not a code I've ever looked at really.

    The way forward will be with the various apps for smartphones - games included. I mean, there are different platforms, but Android and Apple are just two platforms that, if studied, might enable you to ditch the 9 - 5 'crappy' jobs.

    Even with coders overseas the opportunities for developers in the apps department is really good. Not only do you get to own the rights to anything you create, but you earn a big slab of the actual profits if you compare yourself to, say, someone who invented some kind of useful tool.

    If you do not have any special degree then study for one. Even better just study the codes yourself and find out which is best for the emerging market of apps and games for mobile devices.

    I studied various codes when working and unemployed. Any job I seek I'd bring a laptop and just show them my skills in the form of various work I've done.

    Also, your 9-5 job, bad as it might be you can use it as a stopgap and at least you have a fair bit of the day left to pursue other studies.

    Journalism is easy - you simply review some games and video yourself. This would entail some study of Adobe Premier perhaps and video effects, maybe some audio work also with any music sound editing software out there. Adobe audition, Sony Acid Pro, Cubase or Wavelab.

    Learning how to articulate things on video is not easy but its easy to learn when you see the mistakes and can edit anything out and replace it once you get the hang of editing audio and video.

    You can make your own movie easily and learn as you go.

    Whatever is your passion ought to be the topic you focus on.

    Look at some of the people on YouTube doing this. Many are like you looking for a job in that line and many will come home from a boring job and make some video.

    You ought to look into this.

    Good luck.
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    Too old to study anymore or wasted several years of studying or have no time to study anymore, especially not when I work a 9-5 which gives me 3 hours each day for leisure until I have to go to sleep and wake up early to get to work to avoid being late which I do everyday anyway.

    Yeah, developing apps for the iPhone platform sounds like a goldmine. I'm going to look into journalism reviews for video games.. Though it's not as easy as it seems, youd need to know or have the skills to communicate with people in order toget your foot through the door.

    Ty I need the good luck, but I'm sure it takes more than that