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    sorry folks dont know where to post this. just need to write as feeling so down. missing a routine when the boys are at school, but yep its nice to have all 3 of them on school holiday but i feel so fed up. i feel redundant, i know there all growing up and i dont know what else im on this earth for apart being a mum.

    my antidepressants have been cut and now on 225mg of venlafaxine, and on 3rd week on this lower dose. perhaps its that whats happening, just all kicking in the lower dose?? I dont know i just want to go to bed, pull the duvet up and cry. For the last 2 weeks all the boys have had to eat are fry ups. i cant even get myself together to cook a real meal. doesnt help with a husband who doesnt see or feel anything in all of this. he just moans and goes on about the housework.
    agian sorry, know some others are alot more in trouble than me, i just downt want to go back down to the pits of hell and end up od ing again. need to try and keep posative but its not working today.
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    Here is one from me too :arms:

    please read my signature as it sure inspires me when I am feeling like just giving up...hope it inspires you too.
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    I know how hard it is looking after kids and fighting depression...
    I think you're doing well under the circumstances..
    maybe talking to the doctor again will sort it out..he needs to know if you are feeling down again so he can adjust your meds...
    here you go need this...:arms::cheekkiss::hug::hug::flowers::hug:
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    Yeh meds are probably the culprit here maybe coming off them too fast Call your doctor okay keep the communication going so you don't have to suffer so much
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    :hug: donna
    If you feel your meds being lowered isnt helping you then go back and say it to your doctor, they are there to help, we're here to support you as well. You will always be a mum to them, they are your boys
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    huggggggggggggggggggs. it probably does have a lot to do with coming off the high dose of meds. :arms:
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    thank you all, i think i might phone my local cmht monday morning to get them to contact my psychiatrist. i told my gp when he said i had to reduce my meds that it wasnt the best time of yeaar for me to reduce them plus i was reducing my antipsychotics at that time. so i went back to my origanal dose of quetiapine because there were plenty of mice about! for any one who takes a.psycs you'll understand about seeing things that arent really there, but i think my house keeps them hidden especially when i get stressed.

    but thank you for replying it means alot to me today donnaxx
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    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig :hug:
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    I wish there was more I can do...
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    bless you, its now sunday and all 3 of the boys are out and so is my husband, just no im not doing well. did get a sleep in but feel so crappy. sat and cried last night watching some stupid programme on tv. usually you wouldnt even get me watching that sort of programme at all. but sat crying because a 13 year old boy was playing the drums-stupid eh.

    its so not fair to go through depression for so long, then i have had 6 months of being so much better, which was wonderful after 15 years of hell. I did things these last6 months that i forgot how to do and enjoy but was shown that i can do them, i am a nursery nurse but not worked for so long and the other week i got the chance to work at our local school who was running a playschool. i cant tell you what it felt like. everything just came back to me, it was hard to remember what activites a certain age do but the interaction with the kids was just brilliant. one of the mums liked me so much she asked if i was going back the following week. this was such a boost.
    i have to go back to my dr or local cmht tomorrow because i do feel im going down.
    again im sorry for taking up your time. donnaxx