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Need advice about medication

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I need some advice about taking medication. I've been told I've got Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and major depression. And I self harm overdose every day just to help me deal with the day.

I've always been against taking any form of prescribed medication due to the really bad side effects I have suffered during trying the 10 or so different ones I've tried. Anyway, things have been really bad recently and my partner is going through some difficult times too. Last week I had a really big row with the mental health team (key worker) dealing with me. She got annoyed because I got angry with her (anger is one of the symptoms of BPD) I'd just told her I'd taken an overdose and she said that she didn't have to take stuff like that from me and put the phone down on me. I had taken an OD but she wasn't listening and I feel that I'm being punished for things I can't control like my anger, that's a symptom of BPD. So now I've been re-allocated a different key worker - who surprise surprise can't see me until mid November. So I went to see my GP. He suggests I have no more contact with mental health team and that I take anti-depressant's (Venlafaxine)

I have taken this medication before (and had the same really bad side effects) and I've OD on this too. But my question is should I take it now? GP suggests that I'd not be taking it for me as such, and he notes my reasons why I don't want to take but he thinks that I should take it for the sake of my family, to help them with the continual struggle of having me to deal with in addition to their own problems right now.

Please help - what should I do?


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Hi Summer/Autumn. you need to follow the directions from this doc. have you told them that you tried this med before adn the side effects you got from it??? if no then think you need to say this very soon.

you also need to try your darndest to follow the instructions on the bottle and do so for couple of weeks to hopefully get the desired results.. takes time to find out if this med(s) is going to work..

this also means you got to try hard not to abuse and overdose.. if needed come on here and talk about it before you do overdose.. also a crisis line will listen and talk with you about things as and as long as youu are not in any immediate danger will just talk..

realize fully this is going to require some changes in your routines and not going to be easy but hun, these changes are required by you to get to a better position.. best wishes and take care, Jim
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