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  1. Hurted

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    I would really appreciate answer.

    For the last few weeks, i was feeling like i'm finally getting out of depression.
    But the last week was so hard that ive become depressed. Beside other problems, i have a new one.

    It's about a girl, I know her for 2 years, but we never talked much. Until last month. I used to be in love with her, but i thought that i have overcome it. However, when i saw her 1 month ago (after 6 months!), i realised that i still like her a lot. For the past month we were hanging out a lot (with our friends). I had the feeling that she likes me, and for the first time after 2 years I had the feeling that someone likes me more than a friend. 2 days ago, when i saw her the last time, we went home together (we live in same part of city). When we came to her house, she said goodbye but i told her to wait. She turned to me and I kiss her, but not on the lips. I just said goodbye, and she said nothing. Yesterday i was talking with my best friend, who knows that i like her, and he is also a good friend of her. He said that he was talking with her and that he is quite sure that she doesn't like me, except as friend. I know that he doesn't lie, we are best friends for years.

    I just don't know what to do. Should i send her SMS and tell her i'm sorry and if she still wants to be my friend?
  2. jameslyons

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    Sounds tough :tongue: And like something I'd do!

    I'd definitely send her either a text or call. Just say you're sorry, you're embarrassed, and you feel like an idiot. Hope she can look past it.

    Something like

    Everybody has to be ass at one time or another. I'm so embarrassed about the other day...nothing like awkward moments, no :p . Anyhow, you're a friend and I'm sorry for being an idiot the other day. Feel free to mock! :)


    that way you acknowledge what happened, how you're feeling, and you open up the line of communication
    Best luck!
  3. WildCherry

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    Agreed, I do think you should send her a text or call her. Just acknowledge what happened, apologize, and let her know you still want to be her friend.
  4. Entoloma43

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    What is "quite sure"?

    I would make sure 100% that she in fact does not like you.

    Did you best friend directly ask her if she liked you?
    Or was it just a general feeling/vibe he got, that she doesn't like you?

    I would find this out before doing anything. If it's the second, he could have been mistaken. Ask him to ask her directly if he likes you.

    If you do find out 100% she doesn't like you, personally, I would just talk to her and explain the situation and see if she wants to be friends still and whatnot.