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    Hey all.

    I love girls. There isn't a second that I think about kissing a nice girl about my age and maybe curling up with her in bed to bond. But there have been times where a thought enters my mind about one of my male friends getting kissed by me. (I'm male by the way :wink:)

    The thing is, is that there are always weird thoughts entering my head ranging from thoughts about tv shows I watch, to cartoons I watched when I was six. I am willing to accept being bisexual, it's just I don't know if these are really my feelings speaking to me subconsiously, or if this is another thought brought up from imagination to screw around with me.

    Any advice?
  2. Aurora Gory Alice

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    Have you ever tried kissing a guy or exploring your bi-sexuality?
    I think (for me personally) that was how I knew I was straight, I really had to just bite the bullet and give it a try, so I put myself in a place where I knew it might happen i.e. spending an evening at a gay bar. I didn't even need to kiss a girl to know I was quite sure I didn't want to. But I was so confused up until that point.
    It could quite well be your head messing with you, I'm not sure what age you are also but hormones could be all over the place?

    I'm attracted to women, I think women are beautiful. But I have no desire to sleep with, kiss or marry one, that's the difference now.

    If you get the opportunity, just put yourself in a place where you are faced with confronting the poss' that you might be attracted to men and from there you might see if you truly are.
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    hey, i'm not sure whether this would constitute to you being bisexual - a lot of people think about this stuff but are't bisexual. really, you need to know whether you like the idea of men, being with men, and having relationships with men .. to really know. but maybe it will develop, maybe it won't.
    hope you're okay though :) xx
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    hmmm sexuality is confusing sometimes...but just cause u had some thoughts doesnt make u bi-sexual..if u had fantasies and are attracked to men them I would say that ur probably are bi or thing to do is not worry about itand just live ur life and u'll figure it out in time
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    @ Linds83: Thanks, that was very informative.

    @ triggs: Thanks dude. I'm not upset about it (If you meant by the little status thing that I have set to sad, I'm upset about going back to Canada with my mom and saying goodbye to my dad in California)

    @ 1izombie: Thanks man, I won't let it get to me